GoNetspeed Announces Completion of 100% Fiber Optic Network in North Haven, CT

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GoNetspeed made an announcement on Tuesday that construction of its 100 percent fiber optic network in North Haven is now officially complete. With an investment of $4.2 million, over 4,300 residents and businesses in North Haven can now enjoy high-speed, symmetrical upload and download internet speeds right from their home or business.

“We’ve made it our top priority to ensure that both homes and businesses, in today’s world have access to the internet, which can significantly enhance our lives” stated Tom Perrone, Chief Operations Officer at GoNetspeed. “We understand the power of high speed internet in bringing about changes to communities individual lives and our everyday connections. We take pride in announcing the completion of our construction project, in North Haven and eagerly anticipate becoming an integral part of the community’s future growth and success.”

GoNetspeed 100% Fiber Optic Network expansion in Connecticut

GoNetspeed is committed to expanding access, to speed 100% fiber optic internet infrastructure in North Haven communities, and across Connecticut. Presently over 30 communities in the state can benefit from GoNetspeeds services. There are other communities making significant progress towards gaining access, to GoNetspeeds fiber internet.

In the world of cutting edge innovation and unwavering dedication, to customer service GoNetspeed is preparing to embark on a journey to expand its fiber optic networks across nine states. Connecticut is fortunate to be one of the areas that will benefit from this expansion. The anticipation is palpable as GoNetspeed aims to create a web of connectivity and accessibility transforming the landscape for both residents and businesses within its extensive coverage.

At the heart of GoNetspeeds 100% fiber optic in North Haven lies a commitment to providing not more but the absolute best, more fiber optic connections, broader access, faster speeds and unmatched reliability. This isn’t merely about making improvements; it’s about taking a leap forward.

Imagine a world where 100% fiber optic internet reigns supreme granting customers the advantage of equal upload and download speeds. Envision what can be achieved as these speeds reach heights ranging from a 500 Mbps up, to an astonishing 1 Gbps (that an astounding 1,000 Mbps for all you tech enthusiasts out there).

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