Sheridan Memorial Hospital breaks ground on EmPATH unit, Wyoming

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital has broken ground on the new Emergency Psychiatric Assessment, Treatment and Healing (EmPATH) crisis stabilization unit in Wyoming. The US$3.15 million project is a multistep process to integrate EmPATH into the Sheridan Memorial Hospital. It involves moving the pharmacy department to the basement of the hospital. Additionally, constructing a US$450,000 material and supply chain storage area.

The project will take place in four stages, moving hospital services to new locations within the building. This will make room for the EmPATH and crisis stabilization unit. The pharmacy will be replaced by the pediatric unit and the medical-surgical unit will replace the former pediatric space. Furthermore, the behavioural health unit will take up the former medical surgery south unit. It was originally priced at US$12.8 million however, rising costs have brought this sum to US$14 million.

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital was granted US$5.9 million from the Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board. This was to cover the cost of the EmPATH and crisis stabilization unit. A one-to-one match grant of US$2.5 million was also provided by Helmsley Charitable Trust and $2.5 million in funding over the next four years, allocated by Sheridan County commissioners.

Comments on the Sheridan Memorial Hospital EmPATH project

“We have been through design development with that part of the project,” hospital CEO Mike McCafferty said of the new pediatric unit and construction developments beyond the pharmacy relocation and supply chain buildout. “We do not have construction documents for it yet. So we’ve invited all stakeholders to be a part of that process. We have a really good schematic design that we feel like we’re going to be able to put forward to move into construction.”