The new terminal building at North Central West Virginia Airport has recently reached fifty-five percent completion.

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The new terminal building at North Central West Virginia Airport has recently reached fifty-five percent completion. actually which has left the management with no choice but to continue completion.

“We’re moving right along. Everything comes down tops, we will renew it’s inner parts, create walls and place paper ceiling, for example. This happened during Tuesday’s meeting of the Benedum Airport Authority.

Completion date

The project is expected to be finished by the end of the quarter of 2024 in September or October as mentioned by Heather Rock. The terminal construction began in April year.

In January the total number of people boarding at the airport in the area was 2,877, which was, over 200 passengers more than those who boarded flights, from the public last year.

North Central West Virginia Airport

“It’s great to see this kind of growth happening. People are really excelling and bringing in faces every day as they gain confidence, in using our product. In terms of the economy they mention that things are improving and not as bleak. We aim to maintain our prices ” Rock mentioned.

The Airport Authority boards key goal is to accommodate 50,000 passengers in 2017 according to Rocks perspective.

Construction cost

At first the initial estimate, for the terminal was $25 million. However the costs haven’t escalated significantly. There was one change order during construction, which Tom Rock described as “tiny.”

Since the beginning of this year contractors have been paid $3 million for the project with 75% of the funding coming from grants. The remaining 25% has been privately funded because certain items cannot be purchased with grant money.

The Authority plans to submit a document outlining the terms for a loan program from West Virginia Economic Development. This loan will provide funds for HVAC improvements until the construction project is completed.

On another note the submission of the IDP has been postponed until after the project’s finished.

Apart from board members staff members also received input from Joel Kirk, who works as a pilot, at Fairmont State University.
Over the three years since the programs inception the flight hours, for SMS have surged from 300 to 5,000 as confirmed by Kirk. He mentioned that the total fuel consumption would reach 50,000 gallons expressing gratitude to the airport for their donation.

Kirk proposed drafting a letter from Senator Shelley Moore Capitos office in West Virginia alongside key stakeholders acknowledging the scarcity of designated pilot examiners in the state.

The senior advisor overseeing the project is now over 70 years old. Conducted over 400 flight checks year. These findings prompted Kirk to note that Ohio and Pennsylvania have than 20 designated pilot examiners each.

David Hinkle, Chairman of Airport Authority disclosed plans for a new terminal building at North Central West Virginia Airport. The airport intends to endorse a support letter. Suggested that Marion and Harrison County commissions also express their willingness to facilitate DPE certification, in West Virginia or consider self certification.

Hinkle expressed frustration by questioning the purpose of testing kids if they cannot be evaluated effectively.

Hinkles decision suggests that if Algonquin Power and Utilities Corp surpasses the 10 year plan employees need to reassess the boards long term goals and begin planning. He arranged for a team presentation of their proposals and plans, at a meeting in two sessions.

A partnership was established with the U.S. Department of Agriculture serving as the overseeing wildlife management inspector. This occurs every five years in an effort to mitigate impacts, on birds and deer at the airport.

The assessment takes one year to complete. Incurs a cost of $67,588 as stated by Shawn Long, Deputy Director of the airport.

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