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Vista at Silver Oaks community coming to San Antonio, Texas

An affordable housing project dubbed Vista at Silver Oaks is now underway in San Antonio, Texas. Recently, Home San Antonio and Atlantic Pacific Cos. broke ground on the property located near San Antonio International Airport. The developers also collaborated with OCI Development, PNC Bank, Stellar Bank and the city of San Antonio on the project.

The Vista at Silver Oaks development is taking place at an opportunity zone in San Antonio’s Hill Country village submarket. The project site’s location is at the intersection between Brazil Drove and Silver Oaks. Therefore it’s just within walking distance of Phil Hardberger Park. Additionally, the property also offers access to multiple retail centers, including Lockhill village Shopping center and North Salado Village.

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Number of units at the Vista at Silver Oaks community

Upon completion, the Vista at Silver Oaks will be a 76 apartment units community. It will feature a mix of two and three bedroom apartments as well as shared area amenities. The property will include amenities such as a business center, fitness center, food kitchen and laundry facilities. Multiple retail centers are also in close proximity to its location, including Lockhill village Shopping center and North Salado Village.

The completion date for the project

The developers expect the Vista at Silver Oaks to reach completion by the summer of 2024. Their aim is to provide residencies for individuals whose earnings are up to 60% of the AMI. However, the project will also have 22 of the total units reserved for individuals earning less than 50% of the AMI. Additionally, households earning below 30% the AMI will be eligible to live in eight deeply affordable units. Rent rate at the property will be between $593 to $1,370 for the units.

Vista at Silver Oaks will also provide health and wellness programs, case management services, notary services and recreational programs. Residents will enjoy access to an outdoor play area, green spaces and safety features designed in the community. Furthermore, the property offers affordable, high speed reliable internet and mobile infrastructure. The developers also incorporated designs which prioritize energy efficiency, sustainable water reduction and residential stormwater control features.

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