Westlink M7 Widening Project in New South Wales to begin by mid-2023

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The Westlink M7 in New South Wales (NSW) serves as a significant link in Sydney’s orbital road network. The project to widen the road has already received stage three approval from the NSW Government.

It is thus expected to begin by the second half of 2023. The project will include the financing, design, and further development of the 40-kilometer-long, dual-carriage motorway. Westlink Motorway Consortium is responsible for the implementation of the Westlink M7 Widening Project in New South Wales.

Scope of the project and expected completion

The scope of the works will include widening the motorway for 26 kilometers right between the M5 Motorway interchange at Prestons and Richmond Road at Oakhurst/Glendenning building. The works will also feature the construction of a link road between Elizabeth Drive and the M12 motorway.

The entire Westlink M7 Widening Project is set for completion in 2026 at a cost of approximately $2.23 billion. As a result, the road will have three lanes of traffic in each direction. Furthermore, it will be electronically tolled.

Westlink Motorway Consortium will be in charge of the motorway operations as well as maintenance up until February 2037.

Significance of the Westlink M7 Widening Project in New South Wales

The M7 serves as a key transport route for Greater Sydney, especially since it regularly experiences congestion.

The project thus aims to enable more reliable and faster connections between Sydney’s South West and North West. By extension, the project also aims to improve journey times to planned growth areas, such as the new Western Sydney International Airport. Currently, it links and connects three motorways.

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The road will bypass about 56 sets of traffic lights. Thus, it will cut travel times across western Sydney by up to one hour. Furthermore, it will feature 38 over-passes as well as underpasses. Quite impressively, the project will result in the provision of about 1,200 jobs during its construction phase.