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One of the largest food companies in the world, JBS, is currently constructing the new JBS Biotech Innovation Centre, the country’s first R&D innovation center for cultivated proteins. The new JBS Biotech Innovation Centre in the Sapiens Parque Innovation Center in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, will be operational by the end of 2024. It will be the country’s biggest facility for food biotechnology research.

Phase 1 of the lab facility construction will cost $22 million. Subsequently, the second phase of the pilot plant will cost $22 million. JBS will also have a scientific team of 25 specialized post doctoral researchers, personnel, and support staff.

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According to Jerson Nascimento Jr., director of global supply and innovation at JBS, who is also a leader in protein production, it is JBS’ duty to stay at the forefront of food technology. Additionally, he noted that the company’s commitment to the cultivated protein industry is strengthened by the JBS Biotech Innovation Center. This also shows the company’s commitment to offering consumers innovative, high quality products.

The project’s main aim

The JBS Biotech Innovation Center’s main objective is to improve the efficiency, scalability, and cost competitiveness of the production of cultivated protein. Two of Brazil’s top bioengineering experts, Dr. Luismar Marques Porto, president of the company’s Cultivated Meat Division and the JBS Biotech Innovation Centre, and Fernanda Vieira Berti, vice president of the Research Centre, who have international professional and academic experience, are leading the project.

Dr. Porto expressed their excitement at being a part of the first project of this scale in Brazil. They also welcomed the opportunity to contribute to studies that will help in the sector’s expansion.

They gave off the impression that they were confident the project would become a benchmark. This would be recognized throughout the globe.

The JBS Biotech Innovation Centre’s scientific staff has already begun working in temporary spaces in Sapiens Parque. The goal is to develop cultivated beef protein production in the future. Currently, the emphasis is on exploratory research to better understand beef cell cultivation.

The amount of money needed for the construction of the new JBS Biotech Innovation Centre

The JBS Biotech Innovation Centre will need to be invested in over the course of three phases for a total of roughly $62 million. To show the technical and financial viability of cultivated protein, a model of industrial size will be built. This will be done in the third stage. 

JBS also has a 51% controlling share in Biotech Foods, a Spanish company that leads the industry in Europe. Biotech Foods currently runs a pilot plant in San Sebastian, in the Basque Region.