100,000 Metric Tonnes Rwanda Fertilizer Company Factory Launched

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Recently, the Rwanda Fertilizer Company Factory was launched possesses an impressive annual blending capacity of up to 100,000 tonnes of fertilizer under a joint partnership with the Government of Rwanda and OCP Africa which is a Morrocan fertilizer manufacturing company.

During the State Visit of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morroco to Rwanda in the year 2016, quite a number of MOUs were signed in order to enable the strengthening cooperation in different economic development areas which were inclusive of setting up a fertilizer blending factory in Rwanda. This factory has been undergoing construction in the Bugesera Special Economic Zone.

The Rwanda Fertilizer Company Factory plant was established at a joint investment of $19,209,615 under the Rwanda Fertilizer Company (RFC). In the shareholding ratios, Moroccan fertilizer company, OCP Africa holds 57.4% of shares, Agicaro Development Fund of Rwanda holds 32.6% and lastly 10% shares was accorded to Rwanda’s APTC. Currently, the construction works for the establishment of the fertilizer plant have been wound up.

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Rwanda Fertilizer Company Factory Capacity

This fertilizer plant that has been set up possesses an inbuilt capacity of 100, 000 metric tonnes of fertilizer annually. The prevailing demand of Rwanda of fertilizer stands at around 85,000 metric tonnes annually and is usually supplied via importation. This fertilizer plant shall target to supply the fertilizer to both the regional and local markets.

Rwanda Fertilizer Company Factory Facilities

This Rwanda Fertilizer Company Factory has been designed to be a state of the art facility and has been particularly designed to meet the farming needs of the Rwandan farming system. The plant contains a number of facilities which include a production unit, a storage unit, a building that contains administrative offices, a maintenance workshop, a locker room, a canteen, and lastly it has a Research and Development Laboratory that will serve the purpose of supporting the technological advancements that will be implemented in the agricultural sector.

Rwanda Fertilizer Company has set plans that entail the production of 20 new customized products by the year 2025. This shall address the very specific needs of farmers in Rwanda and also improve the soil fertility so as to increase the crop produce. The establishment of this fertilizer plant is set to bring forth economic empowerment by bringing a contribution to the increase in the income of the farmers and also create employment for those involved in the sector.