CIP Enters an MoU To Develop The Helax Isthmo Project in Mexico

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The Helax Isthmo project is set to be developed by CIP (Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners) through its Energy Transition Fund I, and Growth Market Funds II in Mexico.

CIP is the world’s biggest fund manager inside the Greenfield Energy.

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The company recently inked an MoU with (CIIT) Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Secretaria de Marina (Semar), Mexico’s national Ministry of Navy, was also part of the MoU.

The Helax Isthmo project location

The development of this integrated renewable energy project, situated in Oaxaca, will be supported by the entities involved, under the MoU.

The plant aims to take part in the country’s sustainable development objectives. It will produce green hydrogen and green maritime fuel.

It also looks to decarbonize the shipping industry.

According to the signed MoU, CIP claimed that Helax will undergo both formal indigenous and social consultations under the country’s law.

These consultations will take place early this year.

Co-head of Growth Markets Funds, Ole Kjems Sorensen, also a partner at CIP, claimed that the MoU shows their lengthy commitment to the nation. This is by developing the pioneer project. The project it self is expected to provide green maritime fuels at large scale, which is the region’s first. He lauded the authorities for their support.

Also a co-head of Energy Transition Fund, and a partner at CIP, Philip Cristiani claimed that they were pleased to take a step for Helax Isthmo project in collaboration with the authorities in Mexico.

What to expect from the project

According to him, the plant, when in full operation, will cater to the increasing demand for green shipping fuels. It will also contribute hugely to the global shipping industry’s decarbonization.

Similar Projects

CIP and Evergreen of Taiwan, a container shipping company, are also working together on hydrogen based fuels on an MoU inked in October 2023.

Several aspects will result from this cooperation. This includes e-fuels production in Taiwan, based on offshore wind. The supply of Green fuels like ammonia and e-methanol will also be explored broadly.