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The construction is on for Sevilla metro Line 3, representing a substantial step in terms of urban mobility of the city. The cornerstone laying ceremony, on April 8, was well-attended by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and two ministers, Óscar Puente and Isabel Rodríguez – bonded jointly by the Ministry of Transport & Sustainable Mobility and the Ministry of Housing & Urban Development. It is this event that heralds the launching of a pivotal enterprise whose results are to give rise to a widespread diversity in the connectivity and transport options available throughout Sevilla and its environs.



After this aspiring subway line has been built, Line 3 will span as long as 7.6 kilometers and will be linked with metro Line 1 and metrotram route T1 at their intersection by Prado de San Sebastián. Planned to constitute a 12 stations line, the new line with street level entry point and the other 11 underground will serve the city’s top destinations including the San Lazaro hospital and Macarena’ś health center. Furthermore, line 3 is projected to serve 12-000 people in the local community with impeccable services infers their needs including general services as well as accessibility to needed amenities.



The main purpose of Line 3 is therefore to allow a shift from private transport to a more public oriented transit system and to offset the dependence on vehicles owned by each resident. Research anticipates that a range of journeys will be conducted over the entire stretch of new metro line in 18 minutes, which is likely to put 13.3m passenger trips each year. Through the creation of a viable means of transport that is fast and less constraining than driving, line 3 intends to decongest roads and highways, consequently lessening GHG emissions as well as fostering sustainable development of cities.


Funding is provided by the national government, the Junta de Andalucía and also from the European Union in recognition of the need for both partnership and funding in order to drive forward large-scale infrastructure projects .

Construction Cost

The signing of a €95.7 million contact for the main initial part of Line 3, covering 1.7 kilometers, marked a major achievement in the construction process. Headed by a consortium of OHL, Advanced Infrastructure Technologies (AIT) and Sociedad Hidroeléctrica del Pacífico Sud (SHP), this extension will include three stations lying at the northern end of the line. Most of this track will be underground and it is the small above-ground one that serves as the start/finish area. As such, the contract covers construction works of a 700-meter branch to the Pino Montano Norte depot which includes a viaduct across a stream of Tamarguillo and SE-20 Super Ronda ring road.



Besides the Line 3 project, plans regarding metro Line 2’s development are underway presently. This project is meant to run for 12.9 km from La Cartuja to Torreblanca, passing under the historical center. This way, the commencement of the Line 2 tenders for preparatory works indicates that the region’s responsible authorities have decided to see through the dream of expanding Seville’s metro network by making it more accessible and alluring for all the inhabitants and visitors of the city.


Consequently, the launching of construction of Sevilla metro Line 3 is a major milestone in the transportation evolution of the city. Its delivery of improved connectivity, traffic ease, and sustainability makes the Line 3 to be the crucial artery in Sevilla’s urban infrastructures. This facilities both the economic development and quality life of residents.

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