Construction on Parana Loti 1 Highway System Concession Project to Begin in 2026

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Patria Investments, based in Brazil, anticipates that the execution of the Parana Loti 1 highway system concession project, will commence at the start of 2026. 

The entity will operate the toll road’s extension in Parana, a state in the Latin American country. This is according to Patria Infrastructure division’s Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, Andre Sales.

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The cost of the project

Andre Sales said that the investment amount to be used by the Parana Loti 1 highway system concession project is expected to hit $1.2 billion. 

The funds will be provided by the Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund. The amount availed will be used to carry out improvements, expansion and maintenance of roads. These projects are considered as low complexity expenditures.

The development of local communities, facilitating the local’s access as well as proximity to goods, according to him, will be accelerated by improving the highway infrastructure.

The company has set aside approximately $90 billion for the next 5-7 years. These funds will be invested in specific infrastructural projects in Latin America.

Other initiatives under Patria Investments apart from the Parana Loti 1 highway system concession project

These initiatives are said to have the potential to attract partners from the GCC nations. Examples of such initiatives include electricity and energy. 

In such cases, he added, investments are mainly focused on renewables like wind energy, solar energy, distributed generation as well as other initiatives related to energy transition. They are also focused on logistics and transportation. 

The company highlighted that it believes that a bilateral relationship existing between Brazil and Saudi Arabia is the main driving force behind the ongoing investment development in both nations.

He further indicated that Brazil would remain a long-term strategic partner for the region.

About Patria Investments

Patria Investments has more than 30 years of experience in Private Equity, Real Estate, Credit and Infrastructure. It is one of the leading companies when it comes to asset management in Latin America. The company currently operates ten offices in a few leading financial centers in the globe.