Construction Starts on Mominpur-Esplanade Section of Joka-Esplanade Corridor in Kolkata Metro

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Kolkata Metro Railway, as it is getting geared up to construct the Mominpur-Esplanade Section of Joka-Esplanade Corridor in Kolkata Metro. A project with an aim to uplift Kolkata passengers’ travel experience by providing those unaccomodated with commuting via public transportation in the city.

Tunnel work commenced at Khidderpore and with will be traversing till Victoria (Memorial) station shortly. Screening and installation will be performed with the use of modern Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs), which will turn the process efficient and precise. The step-out TBMs will work from the St. Thomas School Local Base, with the mobility tunnel breaking ground, symbolising the commencement of a detailed well-organised excursion.

Mominpur-Esplanade Section of Joka-Esplanade Corridor

Kolkata Metro Railway gave an official letter which says that work has already begun on this lifesaving line. These declarations reinforce capacities of the authorities engaged to ensure expansion and also upgrading of the metro network in Kolkata. The area from Mominpur to Esplanade shall serve as a bridge to bring together the major parts of the city making sure doors upon doors flow easily; for residents as well as visitors.


The corridor, Joka-Esplanade corridor, spanning over 15.08 Km. in south Kolkata, is richly poised to do the vital bidding of reducing the level of traffic congestion, and reducing the travel time. With the belated launch about a 6.5 km tract from Joka to Taratala on December 30, 2022 and subsequent extension till Majherhat on March 6, 2024, this project seems to me to be making fairly solid steps towards its completion.


Even though the establishment of these structures creates numerous problems and challenges, proper evaluation and planning should be conducted. Supplementary stench will arise in the Maidan area due to the temporary relocation of the club tents of the Calcutta Police Club, Calcutta Kennel Club, and Rajasthan Club respectively. The tents will be shifted out of the park premises to facilitate the construction of the underground Park Street station. That is the collaborative actions needed to perform the tasks and facilitate the flow of the project well.

Besides, the creating of the Mominpur-Esplanade Section of Joka-Esplanade Corridor, station lanes are as well being developed. The Kalkutta galloping zone will be shifted to a temporary place – Saheed Minar Maidan. And the dewatering of the Manohardas Tarag water body will be necessary for the construction to tunnel under it. The various steps involved in a successful completion of a significant infrastructure delivery have demonstrated the importance of the detailed planning and sensitivity to the particulars.


Overall, the tunneling for the Minapur-Esplanade section which is a crucial part of the Kolkata Metro Network development, can be taken as an important milestone. Through mindful designing and implementation, this endeavor will provide the city with more than just connectivity, but rather it also adds to the city’s development and prosperity.

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