Construction Work Commence At Mexico’s El Salto Park III

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A groundbreaking ceremony was recently held for the construction of Jalisco’s Guadalajara new industrial park, El Salto Park III. The logistic complex, which is developed by FIBRA Uno (FUNO), is expected to have six industrial buildings that will span almost 300,000 square meters.

Building C construction work is currently ongoing. The structure will be roughly 43,000 square meters and will be completed in 2024.

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El Salto was highlighted by the local authorities as one of Guadalajara and the Mexican Bajio’s most significant industrial regions at the groundbreaking occasion.

The region’s infrastructure

The region was praised for its critical federal as well as municipal highways, and high quality infrastructure. It was also lauded for its areas supplied with reused water. This ensures development of industrial projects is sustainable.

SiiLA, Latin America’s Real Estate Market Intelligence platform, claims that the El Salto region has a sustained demand and also global competitiveness. The region is also adaptive to the changes in the market.

In 2023, the area’s vacancy rate had dropped, coming close to 0.7. The drop represents the stability of the region in space absorption, which includes acquisition along with retention. It also represents a modest decline in the delivery of new inventory in 2022 and 2023.

An area where innovation and productivity merge to propel the economic engine of Bajio, El Salto is a huge logistic and industrial corridor.

According to SiiLA, El Salto is also Guadalajara’s largest submarket. It accommodates almost 45% of the Gross Leasable Area (GLA) of the region in the industrial sector.

As a result, it becomes an important production hub, storage, as well as distribution in the automotive, steel, electronics, retail and food industries.

Why the region is appropriate for El Salto Park III establishment

El Salto is a suitable location to develop the industrial park. Its features and expansion plans of FUNO align well. 

Other markets FUNO has shown interest in developing

There has been keen interest shown in the past by FUNO in the northern markets. The markets include Monterrey, Ciudad Juarez, and also Tijuana, widely recognized for its light manufacturing.

It has also shown interest in regions in Bajio. These regions include Guadalajara and Queretaro, and Mexico City, strategic for logistics.

Expected to be a central logistic and manufacturing hub, El Salto is termed as a huge milestone in Guadalajara and the Mexican Bajio Industrial trajectory.