Gordie Howe International Bridge Approaches Completion, Advances to Last Stage of Construction

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The construction of the Gordie Howe international Bridge started in 2018 on both sides of the Detroit River and it was the start of this extraordinary engineering project. Although the project has the inevitable difficulties and the time limitations that are associated with such projects, the major achievements have been made towards the milestone goals.


The Gordie Howe international Bridge is 150 feet high, sitting on top of the Detroit River where the waters are calm. Construction workers tirelessly work to complete the 85-foot gap that is left in the earlier pieces, and thus it is clear that this last piece is different from the others. According to the bridging North America CEO David Henderson, this new section is a custom-made thing that requires the most detailed adjustments, mainly because of the temperature variation caused by the expansion properties of the steel. The complexity of this task proves the fact that the construction process has to be very precise and expert in order to be done properly.

Skilled trades person’s, not to mention, the valuable drivers of various automobiles, children, motorcyclists, and other vehicles, traverse tides of fog and inclement weather, with no other choice but to keep on walking after passing the road sign that says, “Alternate route”. Their steadfast commitment guarantees that the way forward is unblocked, thus propelling the project towards the climax of success, the completion of this architectural masterpiece.

Project overview

The cable-stayed structure of the Gordie Howe Bridge shows the greatness of the modern engineering skills. Its giant height of 722 feet, which is equal to the famous Renaissance Center, is just as great as its spires. Behind the azure sky, the white cable strands that look like stark lines, showcase both the strength and the elegance. The whole project is a veritable testament to the enormity of the undertaking which is demonstrated by the huge amount of wire which stretches from Detroit to Alaska–an epic achievement by any standard.

The Gordie Howe Bridge is not only a symbol of unity but also a project that requires meticulous attention to detail during the construction process. Bridge engineers and construction managers cooperate on a daily basis to make sure that both ends of the bridge are together, and the differences are the least.


Henderson makes it clear to the stakeholders that the deviation has not been more than 100 to 150 millimeters, which is a proof of the team’s skills and the level of precision they have achieved.

Construction cost

After successful completion, the Gordie Howe Bridge will be a 500 foot long cable-stayed bridge that will cross the Detroit River and have the longest main span of any cable-stayed bridge in North America. The starting amount was planned to be more than $5. 5 billion, the project’s cost has steadily increased to close to $6 billion. 5 billion is a proof that there were several complexities and difficulties which were faced throughout the journey. Although the bridge has many financial drawbacks, it is still a sign of progress and a link for the area.

Demand for the development increases as the fall 2025 course is nearing completion. Through its opening to the public, the Gordie Howe Bridge will not only be a bridging link for transportation but also a proof of human making and taking the onerous task successfully in order to achieve the big dreams.

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