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The Kafr El Sheikh Wastewater expansion program in Egypt was approved in December 2014 and entailed the construction of 2 new WWTPs, the expansion of 3 existing WWTPs, and the laying of about 700 km of pipes with the installation of their 52 pump stations.

The project was to take place in the city of Kafr El Sheikh, along the Mediterranean Sea. However, it did not make any progress until 2020 when the developer Kafr El Sheikh Water and Sanitation Company (KWSC) announced they would be taking up the project.

KWSC took up the project with the aim of reducing the pollution of the Mediterranean Sea by 2020 by handling the sources of pollution such as municipal water, urban wastewater, and industrial pollution, which account for roughly 80% of the overall pollution. The project has since not begun construction and there has been no indicated date on when it will begin.

Kafr El Sheikh Wastewater Expansion Programme (KESWE) - Water Technology

Reported in July 2014

Kafr El Sheikh to implement €164.1 million Wastewater Expansion Program in Egypt

The European Bank is considering funding a Wastewater Expansion Program for the governorate of Kafr El-Sheikh in Egypt. The bank is considering funding the project in conjunction with the EIB.

Kafr El Sheikh Water and Sanitation Company is the client of the project and provides around 3 billion people with drinking water and wastewater services in the area. The company was incorporated in 2004.

The program will see improvement in sanitation conditions for 470,000 residents for the first time, in a governorate where one or more members in 24% of the household are affected by water-related health issues.

The improvements, which involve the construction of 2 Wastewater treatment plants in addition to improving the existing 3, will see a 26 percent to 39 percent raise in sanitation coverage in the governorate. Improvements also entail the laying down 700 km of pipes and the addition of 52 pump stations. The project is also expected to raise incomes for families in the area.

The European Bank will contribute €55 million to add to the €77 million loan from EIB and a €10.4 million investment grant from NIF. Details of the project can be found through this link: www.ebrd.com