Largest rooftop solar system in the Nordics to be built in Sweden

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The largest rooftop solar system in the Nordics is set to be built in Sweden. The facility will be built on the roof of the largest logistics buildings in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, as well as the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland combined.

The buildings (two) with a total area of 175,000 square meters are being built by DSV Solutions AB in Landskrona. DSV is a Swedish company that provides transportation for freight and cargo. Construction of the buildings is expected to be completed and ready for use in Q2 2024.

Upon completion, the new buildings will comprise temperature-controlled storage areas as well as a range of automated solutions. Reportedly, the DSV’s new warehouses will be certified according to BREEAM Excellent standards.

The rooftop solar power system project development

The project for the construction of the largest rooftop solar system in the Nordics will be carried out by Brion Solenergi AB in conjunction with Tommy Allström Byggproduktion.

Brion is a limited liability company active in technical consultancy within energy, environmental and plumbing technology. Tommy Allström, on the other hand, is a construction company that “offers industries, property managers and public administration, cost-effective and customized new, extension and remodelling within given time and cost frames.”

The two companies agreed to build the largest rooftop solar system in the Nordics in Q1 2024.  CPX, a Netherlands-based mounting system specialist, is also involved in the deployment of the system. It is supplying its Wave installation technology.

Features of the solar power plant

The DSV warehouse rooftop solar systems are expected to have a total of 24,000 solar panels. According to Pejman Eidisson, the sales manager of CPX in the Nordics, the solar panels will be the JinkoSolar Tiger Neo 72Hl4-(V) model.

Eidisson made the revelation while speaking to PV Magazine, an internal print and online media company. Additionally, the CPX sales manager in the Nordics revealed that the rooftop solar power system will also feature Sungrow 350 kW inverters.

According to reports, the project team is using helicopters to lift the panels into place. This is because this method is far more cost-effective than the use of cranes according to Olle Blandin, the CEO of Brion Solenergi.

Blandin said that with this method, the required material can be lifted to the roof of the warehouses in a span of 10 days at most. The same exercise, while carried out using cranes on the other hand can take up to three months.

Aim for the largest rooftop solar system in the Nordics

Reportedly the largest rooftop solar system in the Nordics is mainly meant to cover all the energy requirements of the largest logistics buildings in the region. The energy required to run the facility however is only 25% of the installed capacity (14 MwP). The surplus will be stored in batteries and used for charging electric vehicles and trailers.

Any excess energy produced by the rooftop solar system will be transferred to the local electricity grid.

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