Significant Boost Expected for Eastern Cape from South Africa’s R105bn Coega green fuels plant

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Itochu Corporation of Japan and Hive Hydrogen South Africa have agreed to a memorandum of co-operation, advancing hive Hydrogen south Africa ’ s R105Bn Coega green fuels plant in the Eastern Cape province.

Itochu and Hive have reached an understanding to cooperate in areas of green hydrogen or ammonia developers, producers, operators, marketers and those responsible for off-take distribution.

While South Africa prepares to take this jump into a greener future, the world is watching Coega SEZ. This project is eagerly anticipated and could serve as a model for similar projects around the world. After all, the prospects for the country’s energy industry and economy have never looked brighter. And international partnerships such as that with Hive Energy UK light up like a beacon of innovation across Africa, leading to more advanced industrial development there on par with Old Europe or New America.


Via a strategic location just outside Gqeberha with world-class infrastructure, the Coega SEZ also has emerged as an industrial hub that draws fertile ground from both domestic and international investments. Symbolizing a major milestone in South Africa’s transition from unsustainable energy sources to sustainable alternatives, the landmark green fuels plant will have big impacts on its economy and environment. This investment is seen as the biggest of its kind anywhere, testifying to South Africa’s growing role in the renewable energy field.

Capacity of Coega green fuels plant

R105Bn Coega green fuels plant will not only add a stunning 14.400 megawatts to the national grid but also create some 20.5 thousand new jobs once completed.

The Hive Energy project is being implemented prudently, and there has already been thorough preparation work. Built on solid foundations The Coega SEZ is getting ready to build up a network of green fuels. This goes way beyond energy production–it’s leading the way into dozens or even hundreds of consequent downstream industries, one being solar-panel manufacturing. Thus, this will provide momentum to usher in a new era of industrial development for the region centered on green technology and innovation.

Completion date

When commissioned on 2028, the mammoth power generation is poised to be a key turning point in the South African energy grid, which has long suffered from shortages and dependence on fossil fuels. The tens of thousands of growth jobs created reflect the socioeconomic transformation that offers new livelihoods, upskilling opportunities and greater economic diversity in the Eastern Cape.

The one-million tons of green ammonia a year that the Coega green fuels plant will produce will provide clean energy for a variety of applications, with green hydrogen and ammonia being particularly well suited to the decarbonisation of heavy industries and transportation industries.

Furthermore, the project demonstrates South Africa’s resolve to actively participate in international efforts aimed at combating climate change. The Hive Energy green fuel plant, too, is following an international trend toward lowering carbon emissions and increasing sustainable energy sources.

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