Solarpack Commences Work on San Martin Solar Project, Peru’s Biggest Ever

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Construction work on Peru’s largest ever solar power plant, the San Martin Solar project, recently began in La Joya district, Arequipa province. The solar power plant, when fully operational, will boast an installed capacity of approximately 300 MW.

It is said that the project has come to fruition after Solarpack struck an agreement with Kallpa Generation. This is an admirable private company in the country’s market which generates 23.44% of electricity consumed by Peru’s people.

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The company has a long-term contract for all the electricity expected to be generated by the San Martin Solar project. This initiative will strengthen and expand its portfolio with non-conventional renewable energy.

The country’s energy transition objectives are perfectly aligned with this undertaking. This also facilitates diversification of its existing matrix while promoting greater production of non-conventional renewables. 

The plant’s production capacity

Currently under construction, the plant will have a yearly output of above 830 GWh, which can be compared to having the capacity to power up to 440,000 homes per year.

The San Martin Solar project aims to do away with roughly 564,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.  The solar energy production efficiency will be optimized by the cutting-edge technology employed by the plant.

When will the San Martin Solar project start its operations?

450 people are expected to benefit from the jobs created by the project, which is slated to commence operations in the second quarter of 2025.

According to Solarpack’s global CEO Leo Moreno, the company’s capacity to develop, contract as well as to execute huge projects is reaffirmed by the San Martin Solar project.

What does Solarpack do?

He claimed that they support their clients with affordable projects which can be built within the slated period. The entity is happy to support Peru, cut its carbon emissions, and help drive socioeconomic development by creating jobs.

This PPA agreement with Kallpa backs the company’s strategy of diversification.

Kallpa CEO, Rosa María Flores- Araoz, also said that the deal and the project’s launch will facilitate their activities of diversifying energy sources for their clients in Peru.