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Following are the description of the 5 busiest ports in the world, each different from another.

It would be interesting to note that the peak ports facilities are in Asia when one understands the continent as a middleman between the European and Middle-Eastern ports just when the crucial maritime trade routes are involve

1.Shanghai port

Despite the fact that in 2010 the ports of Shanghai passed by Singapore, occupying the leading position as the busiest in the world, the Shanghai’s port has mined a breathtaking growth path since then.

Shanghai port

The Port of shanghai handled more than 43 million TEUs of containers in 2019 making it the world’s busiest port.

The Port of Shanghai is an important gateway through which China trades and which negotiates commerce with the world.

It is located in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta, the bastion of China’s economic colossus.

The port has 200 berths and is furnished with the latest machinery and equipment to accommodate mammoth ships and cargo safely.

Some three decades later, the Port of Shanghai has maintained and even strengthened its status as a hub of worldwide trade and commerce, owing to its excellent location and state-of-the-art facilities.

In additionally, the Shanghai Yangshan Deep Water Port, the international’s largest automated container port, belongs to the Shanghai Port.


2. Port of Singapore, Singapore

Since 2005 up until 2010 Singapore was the most crowded port in the world till Port of Shanghai came into use.

With over 130,000 vessels calling on the port on an annual basis, the Port of Singapore today serves as connectivity to over 600 ports in 123 countries spread across six continents.

Also, it is the largest transhipment port in the world processing more than, 20 of all shipping containers.


The port that is a link between Asia, Europe, and the Americas has 200 berths, moreover, it is positioned in a strategically appropriate place.

Since the port of Singapore is equipped with advanced logistics and transport infrastructure along with having good container handling capacity, it has become a hub of international trade and commerce.

3.Shenzhen port

Shenzhen port ranks as the second largest port in china and the third largest port in the world.

Comment by this name, several ports in and around the area including Yantian, Chiwan, Dachan Bay and Shekou.

The technical abilities in the region have seen a bevy of tech companies such as Huawei, Tencent and SenseTime open up offices in Silicon Valley.

Serving as a leading worldwide technological center, Shenzhen, also known as China’s Silicon Valley, is currently involved at it.

The Shenzhen port has witnessed significant commerce and container movement which is as a result of the industrial activities, investment that has been made in the city.

Says this incessant increase, the port surpassed the neighboring Port of Hong Kong to bag the third position in 2013.4.

 4. Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan in China.

The port of Ningbo-Zhoushan was formed in 2006 due to the earlier combination of the ports of Ningbo and Zhoushan, which once were separate organizations, and became in the fourth largest port of the world.

The Ningbo- Zhoushan Port is a strong gateway for the regional trade and commerce.

It is located in the Straits of China’s eastern coast nearest to the entrance point of Yangtze River.

Its facility boasts over 400 berths and is a well-known center of progressive infrastructure with state-of-the-art terminal equipment and container storage rooms.5.

 5.port of Guangzhou, China.

The Port of Guangzhou—located in the southwestern province of Guangdong and conveniently near Hong Kong—is a key gateway for commerce and economic activity throughout southern China.

A handling to the record of 21.87 million TEU’s made the Port of Guangzhou the world’s second-biggest port after it had operated in 2018.

A cargo handled by the port in 2017 is 7.4 lower than the quantity that that was managed in 2020.

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