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Kotoka Airport Terminal in Ghana

Kotoka Airport Terminal project successfully completed its construction works on the brand new terminal three. The construction works were completed in June 2018. Thereafter, it was open to the public, three months later.

The Kotoka Airport Terminal Project is part of the Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL)‘s capital investment program. It supports Ghana’s ambition to upgrade its vital infrastructure.  In a year, the brand-new terminal will handle up to five million passengers.

Moreover, it boasts an expansion potential of about 6.5 million passengers. As a result, it’ll serve as a gateway for West Africa. Not forgetting, it will also serve as a regional aviation hub.

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Reported On 18 March 2015

Ghana: construction of terminal III at Kotoka airport to begin by April

Construction work on the new terminal three at Kotoka International Airport (KIA) in Ghana will begin by April this year. The project aims for completion by December 2016.

The new terminal will be at the round airside stretching from the Old Fire Service area, to the Hanger area of KIA according to sources. It will have a capacity of 5 million passengers a year. The airport terminal construction plan comes after the country registered gradual growth in demand for international flights. Thus putting pressure on airport facilities.

One of the construction firms has already been given the project tender. It also said that the handover of the project will be complete by end of March.

The planned airport terminal construction project aims at positioning Kokota International Airport as the hub for aviation business in the sub-region. Moreover, it will be operating along with three terminals, of which one will handle domestic activities. Meanwhile, the remaining two handles international travel.

Furthermore, facilities at the current arrival and departure halls at Terminal 2 will undergo upgrading and activities will temporarily be moved to the new terminal while managers begin the upgrade.

Apart from the airport construction project, the country is also undertaking to upgrade of the Tamale airport, a project which started last year in September and is expected to end in September this year.

Reported On 14 Aug 2015

Construction of new airport terminal in Ghana

The construction of a new airport terminal in Ghana is set to commence after Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL)  secured a loan of US$ 250 million to undertake the construction of a new terminal to be known as Terminal 3, at the Kotoka International Airport.

After completion, the new airport terminal in Ghana is expected to cater to the increasing number of passengers at the airport given that airline servicing the port facilities have also increased. Apart from the new airport terminal in Ghana, the project also involves the construction of a runway, taxiways, and aprons. Ground lights, underground fuel lines, and runway lights will also be installed.

According to Charles Asare, the GACL Managing Director, the project funds have been secured from a consortium of banks led by Ecobank Capital. However, the company has as well set aside special funds specifically for the airport infrastructure upgrade. This includes 70% of the total revenue from its Airport Passenger Service Charge (APSC).

Furthermore, the airport exhibited a tremendous record of growth in transit passengers and cargo back in 2014, whereby, transit passengers increased to 178,000 in 2014 compared to 162,000 in 2013 whereas cargo input increased to 54,000 tonnes in 2014 from 44,000 tonnes in 2013.

It is known that not long ago this year, the rehabilitation of the Kumasi Airport was successfully completed and the rehabilitation of the Sunyani Airport will soon kick off. However, the airport company is also looking forward to raising another US$150m to finance the development of the regional airport and also to introduce domestic aviation in the country.

Reported On 9 Oct 2015

AfDB boosts construction of the new terminal at Kotoka International Airport in Ghana

The construction of a new terminal at Kotoka International Airport in Ghana has received a major boost after the African Development Bank (AfDB) announced that it had approved a $120 million corporate loan to finance Ghana Airports Company Limited’s (GACL) capital investment program.

The loan is expected to help in the construction of a new terminal at Kotoka International Airport (KIA) in Ghana’s capital Accra, and the rehabilitation of other airports managed by GACL including the Kumasi, Tamale, Ho, and Wa Airports.

AfDB said in a statement that the total loan for the project is $ 400 million which will be financed with corporate loans from AfDB and other development financial institutions as well as commercial banks. The construction of a new terminal at Kotoka International Airport in Ghana is expected to create an estimated 1600 jobs comprising temporary and permanent ones.

The Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda seek to rehabilitate and expand infrastructural facilities, especially in the transport sector. At the sector level, the program falls in line with the priorities identified in the National Airport System Plan 2014.

Founded in 1964, the African Development Bank has continued to play a major financial role in Africa. It has supported completed and ongoing infrastructure development across the continent.

Reported On 18 Nov 2015

Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport expansion project starts

The Ghana Airport Company Limited (GACL) has commenced work on the terminal two arrival hall expansion project at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA).

The airport has been facing some challenges, with the increased number of passengers that have exceeded the capacity of the airport infrastructure in the past couple of years. The departures and arrivals increased from 1.5 million to 1.7 million in 2011 and 2012 respectively, with domestic arrivals and departures increasing from 200,000 to 550,000 during the same period. However, the project is expected to add an additional 5,148m2 floor area to the existing 6,031m2.

No Limits

The first phase of the project is set to be completed by the end of the year, which will involve the construction of the expanded terminal area, the expansion of the immigration area, and the installation of extra immigration and customs desks. There would also be the provision and installation of two new baggage handling equipment for the arrival hall. The existing three have already been replaced with new ones with x-ray scanners.

As part of the expansion, there will be electrical, mechanical, and plumbing works, including the installation of telecommunication systems, like telephones, public address and CCTV systems, air conditioning, and signage works. The second phase will be the construction of the two top floors, which will serve as the airline and GACL staff offices.

The US$21.4m project is receiving funding through the internal generation of funds of the GACL. The contract was awarded to Amandi Holdings Limited. ARG Africa will undertake the replacement of the escalator in the departure terminal and the installation of the second elevator. Delivery and installation of the equipment will take, about six months.

KIA would see some major improvements in the coming months, as work is being done on various parts of the airport, with plans to build a new international departure terminal, to reduce the pressure on the existing one. The first phase for the construction of Terminal 3 had the involvement of the pre-qualification of interested firms for the construction, which has been done, and is awaiting approval, after which the next phase; an invitation for technical and financial proposals would be done.

Reported On 7 Jan 2016

Reconstruction works at Kotoka Airport in Ghana completed

The Ghana Airports Company Limited has completed the major expansion works at the arrival hall of the country’s premier airport. As a whole, the Kotoka Airport in Ghana is part of a massive decongestion exercise.

The complete expansion construction project aims at positioning the airport as the hub in the sub-region. Alongside, give passengers more convenience as well as create a more conducive ambiance that meets international standards. It also aims to help attract foreign investors into the country.

The expansion of the arrival hall covers 5,600m2 fitted with state-of-the-art facilities that meet international standards. Unlike the previous hall which had industrial standing fans at vantage points to provide cooling. Presently, the entire area now fully has to air-condition with modern restrooms along with transformed lighting systems that provide better illumination.

Deeper Insight

The arrival area has a transit and transfer lounge, offices for immigration officers, and a port health post. The area also features an ICT center meant to help ensure constant and uninterrupted operation of the systems.

Passengers are now using biometric passports at the gates for easy swiping to have their data recorded. Moreover, there is a more spacious area for visa-on-arrival, saving the passenger’s waiting time. The arrival area is as well fitted with 4 giant baggage conveyer belts that carry a large number of baggage on arrival, particularly the long haul carriers. Previously, it took a passenger about 45 minutes to arrive at the carousels to pick up their luggage. However, it has now gone down to 15 minutes.

KIA has the capacity to accommodate large aircraft such as the Boeing 747-8. Furthermore, the airport’s operation is by Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL), which has its offices on the airport property.

The airport consists of two passenger terminals, labeled Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The terminals link by an internal walkway. Terminal 1 serves primarily domestic and regional operators. Meanwhile, Terminal 2 serves primarily international and long-haul operators. Terminal 2 is the principal international departure terminal and includes restaurants, duty-free shops, and two Business Class lounges. There is also a VVIP terminal for diplomatic flights and a military terminal used for military operations.

Reported On 2 March 2016

Construction work on new terminal at Kotoka airport in Ghana begins

Construction work on a new terminal at Kotoka airport in Ghana will begin when President John Mahama and his counterpart Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan perform a groundbreaking ceremony for the project.

The new terminal will be known as Terminal Three (T3). The project aims to ease the pressure on the two existing terminals. In addition to, improving the existing on-ground infrastructure in line with the growing international travel demand. Further positioning the country as an attractive aviation hub in the sub-region.

According to President Mahama, construction work is currently ongoing on the ultra-modern international terminal T3. The terminal’s design strives to accommodate 5 million passengers per annum. The terminal will, as well process 1,250 passengers an hour and will have six boarding bridges.

Steady Progress

The Turkish construction company has already taken possession of the project site. Moreover, they have begun working feverishly on the monumental aviation project.

Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) got a loan worth US$250m to undertake the construction of the new terminal. GACL Managing Director, Charles Asare said the loan acquisition is from a consortium of banks led by Ecobank Capital.

The initial proposal is to construct the third terminal -Terminal 3 within the KIA enclave including the runway, the aprons, and ground lights. In addition to, underground fuel lines, runway lights, and taxi-ways. The expansion purpose is to accommodate the increasing number of passengers as well as the growing number of airlines servicing the KIA.

GACL is also responsible to retain 100% of its revenues – turned to private capital to improve aviation infrastructure in the country. Nonetheless, the company has put aside a special fund solely for the country’s airport infrastructure.

Additionally, GACL was able to raise US$150m in capital to finance the development of the existing regional airports in the country. Furthermore, the funds will go towards the rehabilitation of the Wa aerodromes; Sunyani. Alongside, the construction of the new airport at the Volta regional capital, Ho.

Reported On 8 March 2016

Plans to construct terminal 3 at a major airport in Ghana to begin

The construction of terminal 3 at a major airport in Ghana should commence by the end of February this year. The construction work at the Kotoka International Airport will be launched by President John Mahama.

In 2015, Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) got a US$250m loan for the construction of Terminal 3, at the Kotoka International Airport. The loan’s approval was by a consortium of banks led by Ecobank Capital.

Terminal 3 projects is meant to expand the facilities at the Kotoka International Airport to accommodate the gradually increasing number of passengers. In addition to increasing the number of airlines servicing the airport.

According to Twumasi Ankrah Selby, Chief Director of the Ministry of Transport, terminal 2 refurbishment is ongoing. Currently, the arrival hall has been completed. However, clearing works at the new terminal 3 is in progress.

An Overview Of The Project

Mapa and Gunal Construction, a Turkish construction giant got the terminal 3 project contract. The company has since then been on-site mobilizing. The company contractor will complete the terminal 3 expansion project by the first quarter of 2018.

Terminal 3 will potentially have a capacity of 5 million passengers a year. It will be at the round air side stretching to the Old Fire Service area, to the Hanger area of KIA.

The airport occupies 1610 acres and is within the city of Accra which is about 10km from the City Centre. The airport was initially a military aerodrome by the Royal Air Force (British) during World War II. It, later on, got over to the civilian authority following the military pullout.

In January 1956, the Development Project for the construction of a proper international airport for Accra began. Later in 1958, Ghana Airways began operations with Accra Airport as its base, and eventually, the new passenger terminal was commissioned and the airport was renamed Kotoka International Airport.

Reported On 22 Feb 2019

Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport to commence expansion works

The Kotoka International Airport (KIA) in Ghana will commence its expansion works on the North Apron and the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) headquarters.

The Minister of Aviation, Mr. Kofi Adda, did confirm the reports and said that the project was in line with the government’s plan to make Ghana an aviation hub within West Africa. Moreover, a destination of choice for travelers at large.

The minister further said that the expansion works on the two Aviation Projects would begin. As soon as the groundbreaking ceremony is done by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

KIA infrastructure projects

Expansion works of the airport will include undergoing construction of terminal 3. Currently, it now has the capacity to process 1,250 passengers at peak times. An overpass will be built that will help ease the traffic. Mr. Adda said that there are plans to introduce a light train that would transport passengers from the terminals at an advanced stage.

According to Mr. Adda, the construction of a modern GCAA headquarters which is the country’s aviation regulator would enable the body to execute its mandate effectively. Construction of the headquarters is part of the government’s key strategic program of changing the aviation industry.

Ongoing aviation project

Meanwhile, other projects that are still in progress include the construction of phase two of the Kumasi Airport. The expansion encompasses the extension of the current length of the runway from 1,981m to 2,300m. An additional two new apron parking stands of 17,500 m2 are also under construction.

Phase two of Tamale airport is also undergoing redevelopment. It will comprise a terminal that will cater to passenger travel processes and services. Alongside, host a cargo village. As of 2017, KIA was proudly handling approximately 2.29 million passengers and 39,217 aircraft movements.

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