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The Mozambique Integrated Transmission Backbone System (STE) Project is
a major power transmission project linking the Provinces of Tete and Maputo, through extra-high-voltage transmission lines.

The project aims to connect and integrate the existing two isolated power systems in the country and to allow for evacuation to the southern region of surplus power generated in the north.

Implementation of the Mozambique Integrated Transmission Backbone System (STE) Project

The project is being implemented by Electricidade de Moçambique, E.P. (EDM) in phases due to its “complexity”.

The 1st phase involved the construction of a 561 km long 400 kV line connecting Vilanculos to Maputo. It also includes the construction of three new substations in Vilanculos, Chibuto, and Matalane.

Furthermore, this phase which is referred to as the Temane Transmission Project includes the upgrade of the Maputo substation. Work on the Temane Transmission Project began in the late 2010s with a 4-year duration. It is expected to be completed in 2023.

The second phase will interconnect Inhambane and Tete. The entire Mozambique Integrated Transmission Backbone System (STE) Project is expected to be completed by 2026.

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Reported On 2 March 2015

Mozambique Integrated Transmission Backbone System (STE) Project: Construction of the second powerline from Infulene to Marracuene affected by illegal buildings

The construction of a second electric transmission line from Infulene to Marracuene in Mozambique has been affected by illegal buildings along the scheduled pass for the electricity cables. The power transmission line will cost up to US$600 million according to EDM.

According to Mozambique’s publicly owned electricity company, EDM they have been facing challenges since Matola residents were constructing illegal structures. More so, even after the company had compensated residents initially.

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Construction of the electricity line was to have been completed by the first half of 2015. However, it stretches from the Infulene sub-station and then through Zimpeto, and finally to Marracuene town. However, due to an unexpected hiccup, it has not yet been completed.

The company said they had compensated the owners of the houses and only to find they have reoccupied the land again.

The construction of the Maputo Powerline Project’s transmission line runs parallel to the first. Initially, it was built about 30 years ago and will run a total length of about 20 kilometers.

EDM says it needs the second high-voltage line to guarantee the reliability of the power supply. Domingos, EDM lawyer, Joao Domingos, said that one of EDM’s main concerns was a large number of complaints from clients. More especially, due to poor quality of the electricity supply. The company will also be spending US$600m for the 400 kV power line.