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Construction of the Abattoir in Rundu, Namibia, began construction in 2014. The project was expected to be completed in 2017, however, it was delayed due to financial constraints and postponements.

In April 2023 it was revealed that the abattoir was 90% ready, and slaughtering trials had been conducted on three occasions. According to Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco) the facility is expected to start operating by July 2023.

The facility will be able to slaughter around 100 cattle daily and enhance the cattle and beef value chain in the northern communal area (NCA). Additionally, it will be able to export to markets such as Angola, Ghana, as well as the Middle East as envisioned.

Namibia's Meatco plans beef exports to African market - Africa Briefing

Reported in July 2014

New Abattoir Worth US $10.34m to be built in Rundu- Namibia

A new abattoir will be built in Rundu, Namibia at a cost of US $10.34m. Its development follows a recent groundbreaking ceremony that took place at the old meat processing plant. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry in Namibia, the new plant will feature modern storage facilities. In addition to, meat processing equipment.

Minister for Agriculture, Water, and Forestry John Mutirwa said the abattoir’s construction aligns with the NDP4 goals and objectives. The improvement of the value chain will focus on trading with farmers, slaughter capacity being upgraded, and hygiene. Alongside, the safety of the current slaughter plant in Rundu.

This project will help enhance the cattle and beef value chain in the Northern Communal Areas (NCA) that includes Kavango East and West. The meat plant will also help centrally process and refrigerate products for up to 21 days if they require exportation. Upgrading the abattoir to the slaughter capacity of up to 40 cattle or 80 sheep and goats in a day will impact the local region positively, and even improve the economy of the state.

The governor of Kavango West, Sirkka Ausiku, advised local authority leaders to inform the farmers about the new project. Women were also urged to participate in the development. The facility will take about, 15 months for construction. However, the tender for construction has not yet been awarded to any firm.

Reported On 26 Feb 2015

Namibia to restart US$ 9.5 million Rundu Abattoir project

Namibia’s Rundu US9.5 million abattoir project is set to commence after the acquiring of extra land that was lacking. The facility is expected to take a 15 months construction period as announced during the launching of the project.

Construction of the Rundu abattoir stalled late last year. However, it is now said to restart after intervention by the Ministry of Agriculture. In addition to the expansion of space. According to the Minister of Agriculture, Water, and Forestry, John Mutorwa, the extra land will be east of the old abattoir.

“After the groundbreaking, we have been in negotiation with the town council. Towards the end of last month, we came to an agreement that the town council would give the land to us. Furthermore, the person who was previously given the plot will be given another plot by the council, which was successful.

So, the ministry through the Directorate of Veterinary Services will buy the erf. This will make it part of the abattoir, for the abattoir to have enough space,” Mutorwa elaborated.

The Rundu abattoir project has also been awarded to a foreign contractor, Chong Mein Construction. The company is in a joint venture with a local contractor, Paladium Investment. Collaboratively, the duo will construct the abattoir for US$ 9.5 million. It will have a meat processing plant and refrigeration facilities.