UK-based Mace Wins Redevelopment Contract on One of Asia’s Largest Railway Stations: Expected to Accommodate Over 300,000 Passengers Daily

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UK-based Mace, in partnership with Systra, has been selected for a redevelopment contract on one of Asia’s largest railway stations. India’s Rail Land Development Authority appointed the joint venture team to transform the biggest railway station in Gujarat, Ahmedabad City. The train station is one of the busiest stations in Asia, as at least 120,000 passengers pass through it daily. The station also sees nearly 160 trains pass through it within a day. The revamp contract aims to expand the railway terminal from its current status to accommodate more passengers. Furthermore, over the coming three years, Mace and Systra will turn the station into a multi-modal hub for Indian Railways, Metro Rail and High-Speed Rail. They will also add commercial and residential space around the station. Once the project is completed, the redevelopment project on one of Asia’s largest railway stations is expected to cover around 40 hectares of land.

The Significance of the Revamp Contract on One of Asia’s Largest Railway Stations

Mace has noted that over the coming years, the number of passengers in the station is expected to skyrocket to 300,000 passengers daily. The contract is essential in ensuring the station can accommodate many individuals all year through. Furthermore, many people rely on the Ahmedabad station, one of the largest railway stations in Gujarat. Ahmedabad Junction is one of India’s busiest railway stations and the largest train station in Gujarat. It serves as Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s primary rail hub. 12 platforms and 16 tracks are present. The division of Western Railways that generates the most revenue is Ahmedabad Junction Railway Station. The revamp project on one of Asia’s largest railway stations will see an exponential increase in the income generated by the station owing to the large number of passenger traffic it will accommodate. One of Asia's Largest Railway Stations

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The Scope of Expertise that Mace Brings On Board the Project

In redeveloping one of Asia’s largest railway stations, Mace brings expertise and infrastructure knowledge to the board. The company has achieved ambitious projects over the years, such as completing the world’s longest cantilevered building. It has also acquired a delivery partner role on the world’s largest airport project. The company brings years of expertise and knowledge that will transform the Ahmedabad railway station. Furthermore, Mace has been working in India since 2011, leading the industry in digital transformation as it delivers accountability-based outcomes for private clients. This includes companies such as Reliance, Delhi Land and Finance (DLF), Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), Brookfield, and IKEA. The company’s growing transportation expertise has recently been appointed on many complex international projects. This includes projects like the Yonge North Subway Extension in Toronto, Canada.

The State of Affairs Regarding the Project

“India is transforming its station infrastructure, greatly enhancing the end-user experience. With passenger numbers expected to eclipse the already large footfall at the station, this redevelopment programme is much called for,” noted Hemant Sandu, Country Manager of Mace India . The company is responsible for various aspects such as design review, quality assurance, regulatory compliance and project monitoring. It is also accountable for installation, testing, commissioning, and handover. The redevelopment of one of Asia’s largest railway stations is a hallmarked initiative by not only the residents of the state of Gujarat but also the Indian government. 

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