5 ELKON concrete plants delivered to Abuja, NIGERIA

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One of the leader company in Abuja which engages real estate construction along with the production of concrete products such as ready mix concrete, concrete pipes, precast concrete walls, concrete blocks, concrete curbs and interlock stones first met with ELKON in 2011.

The company ordered their first 2 concrete plants in 2011, which are 1 unit ELKOMIX-35 Quick Master with Pan Mixer for ready-mix production and 1 unit ELKOMIX-35 Quick Master with Planetary Mixer for precast concrete production.

“Apart from producing concrete products for our projects, we also engage in sale of same products to our numerous customers. This is made possible due to using efficient, high quality and problem-free concrete batching plants.” company representative said.

Because of rising demand for the reason of why they started to sell concrete and concrete products for their customers, company decided to order 1 more concrete batching plant after 3 years. Their decision was for the same compact concrete mixing plant due to its great advantages like very affordable shipping to overseas, easy and quick installation and disassembly, easy relocation, minimum concrete foundation requirement for the installation.

Along with rising reputation of the company with high quality ready-mix supply in the region, they have started to get concrete orders even from construction companies located further. That was the time to be able to meet the market’s concrete requirement significantly. In the meantime, ELKON has released its ultra mobile on-site concrete batching plant which is ELKON Mix Master-30. All components of this on-site concrete plant are designed on a mobile chassis on wheels. This makes possible to tow it anywhere concrete is required. Moreover, the plant does not require any foundation, it can be installed easily without any crane and can start concrete production within less than an hour.

All these advantages make this plant is the one perfectly suited with our Nigerian’s customer’s requirement. That is why they decided to add 2 from ELKON Mix Master-30 to their fleet of concrete plants to be able to provide ready-mix concrete for all their customers’ site regardless of the distance.

As seen company never looks for an alternative rather than ELKON since 2011 due to their satisfaction with the quality. Now, they are running 5 units ELKON Concrete batching plants.

ELKON has the right equipment for everyone’s requirement with advanced quality combining with perfect after-sales service.