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Edificius is the first BIM software for architectural design integrated with the new AMD Radeon™ ProRender Ray Tracing engine using Artificial Intelligence to produce the most photo-realistic BIM architecture renders you’ve ever seen in just a matter of seconds.

ACCA software and AMD have partnered up to bring you a revolutionary technology allowing you to create professional renderings without even being an expert, without wasting time making complicated adjustments and above all without doing any image post-processing operations with other dedicated software.

Tony de Palma, ACCA Software International Team, states that, “We’ve been developing an entire Eco-system of Tools to allow BIM collaboration and Model management using the IFC format. Anyway, Here are a few references for you. The new product catalogue (from which you can extract contents for products you’d like to showcase) and a PREVIEW of the new Collaboration Tools that we are Launching. The PDF is preliminary and not all tools are officially  launched yet”.

Maximum Quality rendering at maximum Speed

With AIrBIM, having to wait hours to get a professional high quality rendering is now a thing of the past. The software uses Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning Denoiser) to “remove” noise from a partially rendered image and drastically reduce processing time.

The Machine Learning Denoiser is capable of comparing noisy images with their completely processed counterparts and reconstruct the final render much faster than before and automatically. This means that there’s no need to trace all the light rays in the scene with hundreds or thousands of render passes: Artificial Intelligence takes care of the whole image optimization process by itself.

You don’t need to be an expert… Artificial Intelligence with in-process lighting adjustments for optimal rendering settings

With the Machine Learning Denoiser, Edificius AIrBIM allows you to produce the optimal rendering quality automatically. No need to play around with tedious settings to speed up the rendering process, a very common problem when using older rendering software technology.

The Artificial Intelligence algorithm automatically identifies the most efficient route and the ideal settings in order to produce the highest quality rendering for your scene and in the quickest manner possible.

Produce very high-resolution renderings of large scenes making the most of your PC’s performance

AIrBIM uses and balances the computing capabilities of multiple GPUs and CPUs in the same system. The “Memory Sharing” function allows the continuous and dynamic load balancing of your hardware resources during the rendering process. Balance CPU and GPU usage efficiently to obtain high image quality renderings even with very complex scenes.

The main advantage is that your computer’s performance is drastically improved due to an enhanced memory management and workload balancing feature. Memory Sharing is supported by GPUs based on AMD’s “Vega” GPU architecture with HBCC (High-Bandwidth Cache) controller, such as the Radeon™ Pro WX 9100.

Get photorealistic renderings thanks to PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials

With Edificius AIrBIM your rendering output quality becomes photo-realistic even with PC hardware normally used by technicians who deal with architectural, structural and plant design aspects, etc. The software produces highly-realistic renderings thanks to fast iterative algorithms that calculate the amount of light reflected and PBR (Physically Based rendering) materials available in the online library provided with Edificius AIrBIM.

A library packed with thousands of PBR materials that give that expert touch to your renders and that allow the rendering engine to correctly calculate the amount of light reflected or absorbed from the materials and its direction.

Take a 360° Pano photo and automatically get a hyper-realistic render with the same lighting conditions as your photo.

Do you want to render an architectural project (interior or exterior) by placing it in a specific location or represent it at a specific time of the day or year?

With Edificius AIrBIM you can use a 360° HDR (High Dynamic Range) Pano photo of where your project will be located and use it as a background for your rendering. Thanks to IBL technology (Image-based lighting) Edificius AIrBIM sets the lighting conditions for you with a lighting level coming directly from the 360° panorama photo.

Edificius AIrBIM offers a large archive of 360º backgrounds organized according to different climatic conditions. The 360° backgrounds make it very easy to set all the rendering parameters and simulate any kind of lighting scenario (winter, summer, in a Nordic country) by simply selecting or loading a HDR Pano-background.