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Do you need a Pool Repair in OKC or Pool Cleaning in OKC? Are you looking for a cleaning service that thoroughly cleans and repairs your pool and provides you with something extraordinary? Hometown Pools and Spas is here to get you all covered. With our matchless assistance, we are certainly the best pool and spa cleaning and repair services provider in Oklahoma City.  What makes us exceptional in the city is our instant response, excellent services and reasonable quote.

Our services

Hometown pools and spas provide you numerous services. Our high-end services include hot tub repair, tiles repair, pump repair, leak detection and repairing other equipment. We inspect, install, maintain, repair and remodel your complete pool and give you an unforgettable experience in summers.

Hot Tub repair

Hot tubs are considered as a mandatory part. Any issue with them is an obstacle to your fun. The moment you feel a problem with your hot tub, immediately contact the repairing service providers. Hometown pools and spas would love to help you overcome the problem and repair your hot tub. You will be completely satisfied with our efficient services.

Tiles repair

Tiles demand regular check-ups and maintenance on time. Our professional team visits your pools and analyzes them in detail. Be it a broken tile or a chirping of the tiles, we fix your pool and spa really quick. Restore the aesthetic look of your pool with our special services.

Pump repair

Pump is a necessary equipment for your pool. Having your pump in working order is mandatory. It decides the perfect filling capacity for your pool. Faulty pumps will directly affect the performance. To repair your pump, you can surely count on our superior services in Oklahoma City.

Other equipment repair

Our services also include the repair of other equipment used in pools. We can fix it all whether it be the heater of your swimming pool or the deck repair our team of experts has got it all under their belt. Our service package for the pool and spa heater repair ensures comprehensive repair and restoration.

Leak detection 

One of the fundamental things in repairing, that is often ignored, is the detection of leakages in the pool. Until the leakages are fixed, no other fixation would be of any help. Luckily, we have got you all covered here. With our team of experts, vast knowledge on the matter and first-hand expertise we have resolved many such issues. We would be glad to extend our services to you.

Why choose us?

The goal of HomeTown Pools and Spas is to provide top-notch services to its customers in minimum time. Our skilled workers get the job done in no time. Be in a general inspection or the entire remodeling of your pool and spa, we make sure to do the work with estimated time without compromising on the quality of the services.

Moreover, we perform our job with 100 percent transparency. You will find us the best and most sophisticated services providers in Oklahoma City at a minimum cost. You don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to give your pool and spa a new look. We find a cost-efficient way and renovate your pool and spa with other add-ons and modifications.

With our certified experts and trusted services, you can count on us. Finish your pool and spa with Hometown’s credible assistance in OKC. Why wait? Hurry up! Give us a call today to get connected with the best specialists of HomeTown Pools and Spas