COVID-19: Entsika engineering and maintenance projects on the pulse

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Lack of business continuity may lead to serious negative impacts on physical infrastructure assets, especially for those industries and businesses that depend on the well-being and health of their plant and equipment due to the lack of and/or inadequate maintenance execution of their infrastructure assets.

The industry is facing several potentially significant challenges to which there’s a need to respond rapidly to minimize the impact. This can be achieved through collaborations with industry experts, as the collaboration will result in businesses staying abreast of the challenges and the evolution the industry is facing.

entsika As a result, the lockdown is not affecting our services, and this helps both us and our clients as we are more proactive while navigating around COVID-19 and some of the impact it has in our operations and key projects. During these difficult times, Entsika can’t just open our doors! The company took all precautionary measures on how to best protect its team and clients working on current projects.

Our experience in engineering and construction, working on big infrastructure projects is one of the reasons why challenges that came with the COVID-19 pandemic is identified and teams are assembled to mitigate and respond more quickly. Entsika is and have been providing services during the lockdown period because we are responsible for the pump station maintenance within the water industry. We continue to provide mechanical, electrical and instrumentation maintenance at both the waste and fresh water pump stations during the COVID-19 lockdown period and we are also available to provide the following services as stipulated in the schedule of services framework for sectors published by the Government on the 25th April 2020. Construction and related services (incl. tradespeople):

1. Civil engineering for public works projects (including water, energy, sanitation):

2. Critical public works construction,

3. Other public works civil engineering projects; and

4. Critical maintenance and repairs

Entsika is currently graded as 8MEPE, 5EPPE, 6CEPE, and 1GBPE contractor in terms of the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) system. Entsika provides a comprehensive, full-service package to asset owners to outsource the maintenance of clients’ assets fully or partly, as well as executing our engineering and construction services without compromising on quality, safety, health & environment of the assets and/or plant.

Entsika provides essential services interprovincial (all nine provinces) across all industry sectors were our services are required especially in the water, health, education, and infrastructure sectors, particularly in relation to COVID-19 support.