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“Wheel drives and rope hoists, two important components associated with Demag lifting equipment that, when utilised in other industrial applications, offer the customer many operational benefits” says Emil Berning, Managing Director.


“These components form part of the Demag extended product range and have been used in such diverse applications as automated aircraft hangar doors, retractable roofing, steelworks furnace doors and sluice gates, where these Demag components have shown not only reliability, but also durability as a result of the quality of the component technology. It is German technology at its best.”


Berning added “Demag’s large selection of travel and special wheel drives can be adapted for practically any travel rails and for any operation, whilst our rope hoists offer a high level of reliability in harsh environments – particularly those with high ambient temperatures – high dust levels and aggressive atmospheres, enabling loads to be safely handled to meet the most demanding of customer requirements”.


Wheel Drives


Richard Roughly, Manager: Industrial Equipment (Sales) commented “Demag have been designing and manufacturing modular wheel systems for a wide variety of applications for some time, but the versatility of our wheel drives is now really coming to the fore because we offer the customer simple selection formulas, multiple combinations, compact designs, versatile connection to the customer’s machinery design as well as a simple assembly and alignment and of course the well-respected, Demag support via our on-line designer programme and downloadable CAD files”.


“Demag is a global leader in materials handling equipment, so we are confident that customers will be satisfied with the uncompromising reliability and quality and the countrywide technical support”, Roughly said.


There is hardly a manufacturing industry in which raw materials, semi-finished and finished products do not need to be handled, transported, merged, transferred, distributed or assembled. Demag wheel/ drive




systems are integral components of countless drive solutions that are in operation every day, offering the high reliability, long service life and minimum maintenance requirement that the industry have long associated with the Demag brand.


The Demag wheel drives are well suited for applications in:


Automated skid platforms in the automotive sector
Mobile conveyor hoppers
Quayside cranes
Transfer car applications
Automated storage and retrieval systems
Mobile conveyor hoppers
Retractable roofs
Automated aircraft hangar/factory doors
Industrial overhead cranes
Stacker/reclaimer machines


Demag offers wheel drive ranges to meet a vast array of environments from general industrial use with a load capacity per wheel from 2.5 to 40 ton, right up to high load capacities per wheel from 28-60 ton with the heavy duty range. The wheel range combined with the Demag cylindrical rotor motor and angular or off-set gearbox gives the complete drive solution for any mobile application.


Rope Hoists


“Demag rope hoists is a quality brand that offers greater versatility across numerous applications. They offer high handling rates and a cost-effective operation with maximised safety. The rope hoists give a high and precise positioning with its mechanical microspeed technology, the rope lead off can be applied in any direction, making it one of the most versatile in the industry” commented Roughly.


Roughly added “Our DMR modular wire rope hoists give an innovative and cost-effective solution from a globally trusted brand”.


The rope hoists can be basic hoist units for integration into plant and machinery or as lifting solutions with electronic controls that are optimised for crane applications. The wide range of rope hoists offer the customer an optimised solution which can meet their specific requirements for efficiently lifting loads weighing up to 100 tonnes efficiently and safely.


Demag rope hoists have been utilised in the water sector, particularly for the opening and closing of sluice gates and furnace doors in the steel sector have Demag rope hoists installed.


The rope hoists offer a high number of start/stops due to their conical-rotor brake motors and mechanical microspeed. Various rope drum designs offer one, two, four, six and eight grooves. Limit positions are reliably monitored by precision limit switches driven directly by the drum. The space saving planetary

gearbox arrangement is protected by being housed inside the drum. The gearbox also offers high safety levels and a long service life due to its load distribution.


The Demag rope hoists can be easily integrated into any design due to a torsionally rigid frame that opens on all sides with bolted connections.


Berning said “The quality and reliability of the brand makes our wheel drives and rope hoists a key offering for Engineering Procurement and Construction project houses, small engineering shops as well as industry. The focus of our technologies is to provide a product that is high on safety and low on maintenance. The versatility of our Demag components makes us more than ‘just cranes’, it enables us to supply across the industrial sector components for multiple applications backed up by superior technical assessment and assistance”.


Demag also offers chain hoists for intuitive and efficient load handling with a strong safety focus via their lifting and lowering by manual force on the control handle, manipulation of loads, protection against slack chain, protection against snatching loads, in addition to movements being timeously stopped if they fluctuate widely.


The components of Demag’s modular KBK light crane system, can be combined to create individual suspension monorail, suspension crane, pillar and wall-mounted slewing jib crane solutions. They can easily be integrated into any production infrastructure – and modified at any time.


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