GE Renewable Energy to showcase the digital hydro plant in Marrakesh, Morocco

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GE Renewable Energy to showcase the digital hydro plant in Marrakesh, Morocco
GE Renewable Energy is attending Africa 2017 in Marrakesh, Morocco, on 14-16 March 2017 and will present its complete portfolio to the attendees World Bank will be amongst the attendees.

During the three-day event, GE Renewable Energy will showcase the Digital Hydro Plant, an umbrella of digital solutions that facilitates more dependability, output and profitability for consumers, appropriate for existing and new hydropower plants.

GE’s Energy Financial Services has developed a lengthy track record of investing and bringing third-party capital into renewable energy projects. Representatives will be attending Africa 2017 to present their portfolio of services to customers, along with GE Renewable Energy.

Bill Armstrong, Regional Leader for GE’s Hydro Solutions in Europe, Middle East & Africa said “We have a far-reaching and balancing approach that conveys value to our customers under the shape of universal offerings that are optimized technically, digitally and fiscally”.

GE Renewable Energy has developed a deep comprehension of the client’s needs on the African continent. Presently, the group is working aggressively on projects that will have a remarkable impact on Africa’s hydro footprint.

Grand Renaissance in Ethiopia will insert 6 GW to the installed base. The ongoing retrofit of the Inga 2 and N’seke turbines and generators add to the stabilization of hydropower generation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In the past months, GE completed the rehabilitation of Cahora Bassa’s spillway gates in Zambia – a nation where the group put in by hiring and training local workforce on the renovation project of Kariba’s North Bank hydropower station.

GE Renewable Energy is introducing a learning program in Africa to further develop local expertise and generate high quality jobs. The goal is to train and develop the potential operators of hydropower plants that GE delivers. The initial edition of this program took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in late February 2017.

GE Renewable Energy has installed over 400+ gigawatts capacity worldwide to make the planet work better and cleaner. With 13,000 staff present in over 55 nations, GE Renewable Energy is backed by the resources of the world’s first digital industrial company.

Their objective is to show the rest of the world that no one ought to ever choose between affordable, dependable, and sustainable energy.