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HİDROMEK Backhoe Loaders in Africa

HİDROMEK has exported 8 Backhoe Loaders to the Republic of South Africa and 3 Backhoe Loaders to Botswana.

HİDROMEK exports its backhoe loaders, excavators, wheeled loaders and motor graders to more than 50 countries on 5 continents, and continuous its activities in the African market. HİDROMEK has finished the production of HMK 102 B ALPHA Backhoe Loaders at its İzmir Aegean Industrial Free Zone factory and 8 Backhoe Loaders have been transferred to the Republic of South Africa and also 3 Backhoe Loaders have been transferred to Botswana to meet their ultimate users.  The ceremony of the delivery was held with the participation of the honorary consuls of each country.

In compliance with the tender awarded by Spanish Armed Forces, HİDROMEK has completed the deliveries of HMK 102 B Backhoe Loaders. HİDROMEK’s exporting performance enhances its sales volume and brand awareness in the international market.


HİDROMEK is the Turkish leading construction equipment manufacturer for backhoe loaders, hydraulic excavators, wheeled loaders, and motor graders and continues its production in five locations (three in Ankara, one in İzmir, and one in Thailand).

In addition to growing its sales and dealer network, HİDROMEK has continued to invest in new premises and production facilities. The construction of the new plant covering an area of 1 million m² started in 2015, and it is due to be in operation in 2017, clearly sending a strong message to the market regarding HIDROMEK’s future intentions.

HIDROMEK intends to increase its world ranking from the current 47th position to the ‘Top 50 World Construction Equipment Manufacturers’ list compiled by KHL Publishing Group. HİDROMEK is the first and only Turkish company that takes part on this prestigious list.

Today, HİDROMEK exports its Backhoe Loaders, Excavators and Motor Graders to more than 50 countries on 5 continents.

HİDROMEK Backhoe Loaders, Hydraulic Excavators, Motor Graders and Wheeled Loader are completely designed and manufactured in-house. The performances of the products are ensured through intensive quality assurance systems. HİDROMEK uses components from internationally known producers to ensure high quality performance and availability of the parts.

HİDROMEK is recognized internationally for its success in the industrial design field. In 2008 and 2010, HİDROMEK was awarded “The Superior Design Award” for The Backhoe Loader Maestro Series, and the “Good Design Award” by Design Turkey for the Excavator GEN Series, becoming the only firm that has won 2 awards in a row in its own category. In 2011, HİDROMEK was awarded the “Good Design 2011” by the Good Design Awards, which is one of America’s most prestigious design awards. In 2012, HİDROMEK was awarded the “IF Product Design Award” in Germany. In 2016, HİDROMEK was awarded by “IF Design” again with its new design “HMK Vision Compactor’’ in the “Professional Concept” category.

HİDROMEK has three subsidiaries located in Spain, Russia and Bangkok offering sales and after sales services to its customers in the European, Russian and Asian markets.

Moreover, According to IMDER’s (Construction Equipment Distributors and Manufacturers Association of Turkey) research information which research covers the years between 2009 -2015, HİDROMEK has been in the leader position in Turkish market for seven successive years for backhoe loader sales and for four years for excavator sales.



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