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5 exceptional contractors show us how “extreme” a job site can be.

Without using stunt-man o special effects.

How to save thousands of dollars while developing nine thousand kilometers (five thousand five hundred and ninety two miles) of land, how to demolish a 16 floor building, how to fly a crusher in an helicopter: these are the most amazing jobs completed in 2020.

It is no surprise that MB Crusher units were used to overcome obstacles on the job site with competitive advantages.

When our customers come up with ingenious, MB likes to share it with everyone else. Not only that: this year MB Crusher has decided to select the most outstanding testimonials from jobsite all over the world, to blast them on our social media pages.

“By doing so – our Marketing department says – we gave our customers a voice of their own, whom with their company’s innovative thinking they give us and contractors all over the world new practical applications. From the common obstacles you can find on the typical job site to the ones with a higher challenge.”

  1. Carrying a crusher on a helicopter

With the Bavarian Alps in the background: a lodge at a 1844 meters (6,050 ft) summit needed to be partially demolished and rebuilt, this is also the starting point of a very long hiking trail. Traditionally the demo waste material would have to be hauled downstream and discarded.

Solution: they used a BF60.1 MB mobile crusher to process the material and use it as road base for the surrounding paths. How did they bring it to the lodge when a helicopter can only carry a max of 1200 kg (2,645 lb)? A few of the crusher bucket’s heavier components were removed and then reassembled quickly on site.

Results: significant savings on both waste disposal and hauling fees, reuse of the resulting material directly on site.

  1. To demolish a 16 floor building

In the center of a large city in Japan the goal was to tear down a 16-floor reinforced concrete building, surrounded by other properties and city life. Compact and agile machines were required to work on the roof of the building to demolish it one floor at a time. The demo waste was then tossed down a hole that was opened in the center of the building, to protect the surrounding area.

Solution: they chose a BF70.2 MB mobile crusher that processed reinforced concrete in a narrow space. The cherry on top? The crusher bucket was lifted to the sixteenth floor with a crane: thanks to the unit’s size and weight this task was very easy.

Results: material hauling time saved, and significant reduction of dust and sound emissions.

  1. To build an underground drainage canal

Southern California, in Mexico, to avoid flooding a high traffic road, with the construction of an underground drainage canal. Problem: the long, difficult, and dark tunnel didn’t allow access to the traditional equipment used on similar projects, and the use of a hammer would have caused excessive vibrations.

Solution: they used a MB-R500 drum cutter to dig a tight and long tunnel. A compact machine packed with power. Results: no vibrations or cracked walls, and a precise removal of only the required material.

  1. Saving thousands of dollars while developing more than 9.000 km (5,592 miles) of surface

In a vast area in Montana, in the United States, a contractor had the task of preparing the site of a new residential area. During the excavation phase they ran in to large amounts of river rock.

Solution: they used a BF120.4 mobile crusher to break down river rock for immediate reuse as fill.

Results: savings on hauling and material handling fees while eliminating buyback expenses. They estimated tens of thousands of dollars of savings.

  1. Moving hazardous material quickly and with precision

A hazardous material recycling company in Latvia needed a tool to handle large drums containing diesel fuel and paint. Solution: they used a MB-G900 grapple to easily grab hold and position the containers.

Results: saved on both time and trucking, more work in safety and with a higher profit.