Olimpia 80 S.r.l. to supply an Ivory Coast company with custom made carbon steel tube mill

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The Italian based Olimpia 80 S.r.l., an enterprise specialized in the designing, planning, development, and manufacture of TUBE MILLS has recently signed an order to supply a new tube mill made particularly for thin wall carbon steel tubes as requested by the customer, a company in a West African country known as Ivory Coast or Côte d’Ivoire.

Cesare Vernocchi, OLIMPIA 80 S.r.l. area sales manager described this (the manufacture of 100% customized tube mills) as the company’s norm, giving a typical example of a project being undertaken in India for another company called APL APOLLO.

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This project involves the installation of three tube mills, all of which have the patented technology “cage forming for square and rectangular tubes” for carbon steel materials. The smallest can cover the section range of 20×20 to 60×60 mm and up to 4 mm maximum thickness, while the medium line can cover the range of 30×30 to 80×80 mm and up to 6 mm maximum thickness, and the biggest can cover the range of 80×80 to 200×200 mm and a maximum thickness of 10 mm.

“All these lines are fully automatic and are a part of the complete range of products of Olimpia 80 manufacturing program,” explained Mr. Vernocchi adding that there are other different installations that just got finalized in Mexico, Chile, and Romania for different sizes of carbon steel tube mills.

“Our objective is to offer to our customers, especially the African market, highly reliable custom made products at no extra cost and without even slightly reducing their quality,” he concluded.