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Special knowledge is required for building tunnels and wind energy plants in order to implement  demanding projects. The facilities and manufacturing processes required for such projects can be adjusted well in advance for efficient manufacture of ladders and mesh to meet specific requirements. Progress Maschinen & Automation, a Progress Group company, has complete technologically mature solutions which, depending on the customer’s requirements, are developed to the highest degree of automation. In addition to consistently high production quality, the development of mobile solutions here is another aspect to which special emphasis is paid. For implementing projects in tunnel construction and for the  erection of wind energy plants, the company, based  in South Tyrol, Italy, banks on machines tailored to meet specific individual requirements.

Tunnel Master ladder welding machine

The Tunnel Master  is designed for the manufacture of straight and bent ladders off coil. This robust and low-maintenance welding machine enables fast and cost-saving production of tunnel segments. The ladder welding machine excels particularly with its flexible  grids of longitudinal and  transverse wires, as well as with a flexible choice of diameters of up to four longitudinal wires. The computer-controlled welding controller enables, moreover, precise and controlled welding without hydraulics. Apart from short conversion times, adjustable cutting angles and an automatic stacking unit are among the highlights of the Tunnel Master.

M-System mesh welding plant

Precise and controlled welding and just-in-time production of  made-to-measure reinforcing  mesh off coil are special outstanding features of the mesh welding plant from this latest  generation. This  enables manufacture of special geometric shapes, blockouts and a choice of diameters. On the bending  system, the mesh can be bent both upward  and downward. The M-System  features a fully integrated straightening plant. It can, moreover, be expanded by various logistics  solutions and is available as a mobile plant.

Mobile plants enable flexible, justin-time production Picture rights: Firmengruppe Max Bögl

Complete solution

Special robots can fully automatically weld the processed reinforcing steel elements into complete reinforcing cages. The production output can be scaled, depending on customers’ requirements. The customized ProFit software controls production processes, order positions and machines. CAD systems supply the modular-design program with reinforcement data.

Mobile solutions for construction projects

In planning and  implementing mobile facilities, the wind-energy and tunnel industry profits from this engineering company’s many years of experience. Progress Maschinen & Automation offers specific consulting services for an automated production process and individual  production concepts. Through innovative technologies and specific customer orientation, the company has evolved into an internationally leading supplier in this sector.