Stabila measuring app allows for ‘smart’ construction sites

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The Stabila Measuring app allows construction-industry professionals to use their smartphones for quick and easy documentation and processing of measurements. The app is compatible with Stabila’s LD 520 and LD 250 BT laser distance measurers, using integrated Bluetooth Smart technology. Stabila is one of the premium brands distributed locally by Upat SA (Pty) Ltd.

Available free of charge from the Apple App Store and Android Play Store, not only does the app make it possible to create drawings of spaces and objects, it also allows users to import images from a gallery, and add dimensions directly to these items.

Before measuring an object or surface area with a smart device, the user takes a picture, and then applies the Stabila distance-measuring units. These measurements are transferred onto the picture captured on the smart device, and can be moved where required.

Using the app, the user can even draw lines and rejig measurements accordingly. The picture is assigned a job name and number, and can be emailed directly to the customer, or shared with the project office, in addition to being stored digitally for reference purposes.

The new Stabila Measures app

“The new Stabila Measures app provides for improved design, functionality, and intuitive operation,” Upat National Product Specialist Charl Weber comments. Measurements can be transferred wirelessly from the lasers to a smartphone or tablet, making it possible to document projects on-site, and to communicate this critical information directly to the project team.

Additionally, the app ensures a clear project overview for managing drawings, including sharing, editing, deletions, and revisions, thereby facilitating project management. This is supported by a ‘zoom’ functionality to focus on pertinent details.

The app also has portrait and landscape modes for greater drawing flexibility. The drawing tool allows for freehand-line and straight-line functions, and even modification of line type, thickness and colour.

Currently, the main users of the app are customers who need to compile quotes and keep detailed work records, such as building contractors, architects, plumbers, electricians, pavers, security system technicians, air-conditioning installers and gas installers, among others. Highlighting the versatility of the app, Weber points to a Stabila customer applying it for measurement purposes at accident scenes for insurance-claim documentation.

Furthermore, annotated site photographs can also be sent directly to customers to verify that the specifications and designs are in line with their expectations. This ensures faster project delivery and turnaround times, as measurements can be sent through instantly.

For example, a project manager can take a picture of any readymix delivered to site, and measure it using a Stabila distance-measuring device. The volume of the material can then be calculated to ensure that the correct quantity has, indeed, been delivered.  “This makes the app particularly useful for quantity surveyors, as it can be a vital tool in the supply-chain management process,” Weber highlights.

About Upat

Upat SA (Pty) Ltd., a 100% South African owned business, began trading in 1983 as the sole Southern African distributor of the Upat range of construction fasteners (anchor bolts, chemical anchors, nylon plugs, etc.) From the outset, Upat was committed to the building industry, supplying not only a range of anchor bolts, but also rotary hammer drilling machines, tungsten-tipped masonry drill bits, power actuated tools, and allied building and construction products. The aim was to supply a range of top-quality products at market-related prices. This philosophy resulted in Upat becoming a market leader in Southern Africa within a decade.