Short Business Description: AlBaddad is the only company within the group which sells, rents and distributes mobile halls, modular prefab building, car parking shades and canopy, and garden furniture. Our products are used for commercial or industrial events and festivals, or military purposes all equipped with all necessary accessories, air conditioning, lightning, furniture and decorations.
Long Business Description:

For over 40 years the name Albaddad has been synonymous with the Design, Production, Supply and Installation of Prefabricated Units, Tents, Shades & Garden Furniture in the Middle East. The name and business strength that has been earned by our organization today, comes with over 40 years of experience, we possess the extensive knowledge and awareness in providing these services within the region, additionally through proficient project management, innovative designs and implementation of proven engineering practices, we have successfully delivered projects to diverse market sectors, on a global scale.

Albaddad structures are a leap forward compared to other buildings in terms of flexibility. In a case where one may need a spare or new structures for the purpose of expansion or access to new forms, the structures of AlBaddad are manufactured in such a way that they have the ability to integrate with these pieces to get to the shape or size desired without any impact on the quality of the building and the geometric shape of the hall.

From extravaganza in engineering structures Albaddad are embodied in the ease of loading and transport to any destination March with ease of installation and re-jaw, in addition to the property re-assembly of the different forms of the same structure and the same pieces.
The facilities Albaddad are fitted with membranes stretched enjoyed a long period of age and are well suited for simulations of weather, high winds. They also show a remarkable resistance to earthquakes . The unique patterns and tensile sophisticated system, consists of individual panels from membranes stretched to lengths of 5.4 meters both vertically and horizontally. These make the structures more resilient to all climatic conditions around the world.

The engineering team at Al Baddad has worked to provide sustainable solutions to long-term use of the structures. Moreover, they have ensured that there are no surprises in terms of expenses once the products are purchased that may arise with regard to economic viability, something that not many manufacturers take into consideration.

In addition the fact that the halls are easily built due to light-weighted structures reduces infrastructure costs for concrete, cement. In some cases, it may also be implemented as virtually non-existent for providing creative solutions that are environmentally friendly.

The combination of engineering for membranes AlBaddad provide quality and efficiency in the process of controlling the leak of air, which in turn reduce energy bills at a rate not at least 50% compared to other conventional buildings. Furthermore, all products AlBaddad have undergone extensive tests to ensure quality and ability to optimize thermal insulation.

You do not need aluminum structures of any kind of maintenance so as to resist the high Ajmaa natural factors in addition to the membranes PVC Easy Cleaning Units and resistance to wind and dust externally or internally nappy on the same luster and quality since the beginning of the installation. The structures manufactured from aluminum and membranes PVC keeps almost Ali image for life

Albaddad International stands a cut above the rest as one of the best manufacturer of Prefabricated buildings, Tents, Garden Furniture in the world with track records from the Guinness book of world Record. They not only give a guarantee with their products which are of internationally standardized specifications, but also give quality products and services with an assurance of value added back to the customer.

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Business Phone Number: +971 4 802 9977
Town: Dubai

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