The 11th China (Shanghai) Int’l Foundry Industry Exhibition 2014

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In order to promote foundry industry development, stimulate exchanges and trade cooperation among enterprises, the 11th China (Shanghai) Int’l Foundry Industry Exhibition (CIFE) will be held during Oct.14-16 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. CIFE2014 is jointly organized by Beijing Hiven Exhibition Co.,Ltd. and industry associations. Based on high quality information resources, vast market support and professional exhibition operation, with 11 years’development and innovation, its influence scope expands unceasingly, and now CIFE has become a well-know event leading industry development. CIFE 2013 reached a high record, hundreds of exhibitors from over 20 countries attended, such as Germany, USA, Italy, France, Spain, Britain, etc, and 20000 professional visitors participated. CIFE 2014 will be in Shanghai for the first time. Shanghai, as the center of technology, trade, finance and information, surely will bring brand-new development opportunities to CIFE.

Based on previous good influence, CIFE 2014 adheres to the efficient operation and professional exhibition concept, further improves exhibition connotation, and strengths exhibition effect. With our perfect publicity channel, we will invite foundry industry enterprises and visitors before exhibition held, and strive to maximum the correspond degree between exhibitors and purchasers, to realize the maximization of exhibition value. By combining exhibiting and project promotion with industry forum and academic conference, CIFE 2014 will present various activities. It will provide a good platform of information communication, technology exchange and business negotiations for attendees. With advanced market, excellent business opportunity and professional service, CIFE 2014 invites you to gather together in Shanghai to create brilliant future of foundry industry!

For more information about the event and conferences, please contact at the Organizing Committee of CIFE2014
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