Affordable Housing in East Africa 2015

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It is widely acknowledged that genuine construction solutions are needed to address the shortage of afordable housing in East Africa region. For instance, in Tanzania there has been considerable efforts by increasing the mortgage tenure from 10 to 20 Years and increasing the number of mortgage lenders from 2 to 11.

In Uganda, the ability of local banks to develop innovative mortgage products targeted at poor people appears limited by structural inefficiencies. Real estate developers see increased government investment in infrastructure as key to boosting access to decent accommodation for poor people.

In Kenya despite there being a backlog inconstructing of housing units the use of Alternative Building Materials is currently being lauded as one solution to ease the housing crisis. But questions is,  what are the current technologies available to solving this crisis? And how will the affordable housing sector look going forward?

In a bid to achieve affordable housing in East Africa, AMC International will bring together stakeholders throughout the affordable housing ecosystem on the 26- 28 August 2015 in Nairobi Kenya to converge, reflect, offer insight, and build consensus on solving one of the region’s most pressing crisis, We’re hoping to break down the walls between the three main drivers of the affordable housing equation, Developers, Finance and Government, with a program that leverages the shared interests of constructing safe, decent, and affordable housing in East Africa.