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Construction Regulations to improve safety

On average two construction workers die every week. The aim of the revised construction regulations is to place legal responsibilities on all key stakeholders in the construction industry to address and radically improve health and safety. Phillip Verwey, a health and safety specialist, talks about the impact of the amended regulations.

“The purpose of the Construction Regulations is to clearly define the legal parameters within which construction companies are supposed to operate. These regulations highlight the minimum standards of operation while providing optimum health and safety standards for all employees. “

According to Verwey the 2014 Construction Regulations further aim to establish a system whereby construction professionals are obligated to register with the South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professionals in order to monitor, advise and regulate the overall Occupational Health and Safety compliance of companies within the industry more effectively.

Verwey says the legal responsibility of stakeholders has increased and the failure to meet those responsibilities could have major repercussions.

“Any person who contravenes or fails to comply with the regulations is guilty of an offence and liable upon conviction to a fine or to imprisonment for a maximum of 12 months”

The regulations have undergone many changes but according to Verwey the most significant change is the introduction of the application for a Construction Permit as per Regulation 1.

To find out more about this change and how it will impact professionals in the construction industry Join Verwey in the Construction Regulations 2014 update course.

He also addresses the following revisions during the 1 day course:

• Regulation 5 “The Duties of the Client”
• Regulation 6 “Duties of the Designer” which was previously included under regulation 9 “Structures”
• Regulation 17 added to deal specifically with Suspended Platforms
• Regulation 18 added to deal specifically with Rope Access
• Regulation 31 “Construction Health and Safety Technical Committee”

The Construction Regulations 2014 Update course held by Alusani Skills & Training Network®will run on the 14th July & 28th September 2015 in Johannesburg