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The annual accelerator for solar business development in South Africa

Each year, The Solar Future gathers the key-stakeholders of the South African solar energy market. The focused conference tracks and unique ‘networking in the field’-experience will help you accelerate your business development. In two days you will enrich your network with invaluable contacts and learn from the absolute top experts of the industry. Don’t miss this event on 11 and 12 February.

Day 1 (11 February)

Track 1: New Opportunities for Utility Scale PV Power Plants

Session 1: Challenges and Opportunities for utility scale PV development

– The lessons learnt in round 1-3 and opportunities in Round 4

– The truth behind the Government’s energy policy

– Panel discussion: Suggestions to optimize and de-risk the REIPP process

Session 2: Financing Utility scale PV

– Is enough liquidity available in SA to finance more large Solar PV projects?

– What would a financing business case for a 50 MW project look like in 2014?

– Plenary discussion: How can South Africa attract more foreign capital and financing?

Session 3: Removing barriers

– Business case: feasibility of a 10 MW embedded PV project at a cement factory

– Removing the grid integration barriers for utility scale PV power plants

– Panel discussion: Regulatory challenges, grid issues and IPP opportunities

Session 4: Future perspectives & Inspiration

– Electricity prices in the near future

– Panel discussion: The disruptive conclusion: solar is competitive with electricity from new coal or nuclear power plants

– Inspirational keynote speech

Track 2: Embedded Commercial PV roof application

Session 1: Government policy and regulation for embedded solar PV

– Grid connection rules that impact embedded rooftop PV application

– How does ESKOM support embedded commercial PV system application?

– Panel discussion: opportunities for embedded solar pv systems

Session 2: Practical business cases: saving money with embedded solar

– Supermarket Business case: How retailers can save cash with solar

– Business case: Why 24/7 factories are ideal for solar PV application

– Plenary discussion: How to make embedded solar energy attractive for commercial customers?

Session 3: Financing embedded commercial PV Projects

– What solutions do commercial Banks have to offer financing PV rooftop projects?

– Tax incentives and regulation beneficial for PV in the commercial segment

– Plenary discussion: New ways of PV roof project financing

Session 4: Future perspectives

– Proposal for a new net-metering scheme in South Africa

– Panel: How can municipalities benefit from more solar roofs?

– Inspirational keynote speech

Day 2 (12 February)

Project visiting & Networking


Date: 11-12 February 2014

Venue: Hilton Sandton, 138 Rivonia Road, Sandton, 2196, South Africa

Contact: Edwin Koot. Tel: +31 10 280 9198.

Email: [email protected]