5 Tips for Choosing the Right Interior Doors

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Doors are critical to a well-designed home’s overall feel and look. However, like molding, many doors go relatively untouched since most people buy or rent homes with doors already installed.

When choosing new doors for your home’s interior, it’s crucial to ensure you get the best in terms of style, value and durability. The right interior door will withstand daily usage, reduce sound travel between rooms and add character to the overall interior design of your home. Here are some tips for selecting the right interior doors.

1.   Choose your doors style

The choice of your door style can have a dramatic impact on your home décor and overall design. Consider mixing and matching different styles to give your home a fun and elegant look. However, be sure to keep some elements, such as a consistent color pallet, the same to ensure there is a sense of flow throughout the home.  Consider each room’s overall size and feel when choosing the style for your interior doors. A huge and fancy door can overwhelm tiny rooms, making them feel smaller rather than spacious.

2.   Determine which way you want your doors to swing

When ordering interior doors from DoorsPlus.com.au, you can choose between right-hand or left-hand door swing. This will determine where the hinges and handles are situated and which way the door sways when it opens or closes. Typically, interior doors will sway into the room, opening towards the adjacent vertical wall in that room. Your door should allow the maximum open space in the room when it opens.

3.   Select the material of your doors

Your doors’ material should align with your home’s aesthetic and can also be a huge determining factor in the door style. You can pick from solid wood, MDF, metal, glass, or hollow core doors.

Solid wood is the most common option used for interior doors and can be fancily designed, painted or stained to fit into any color pallet or curb appeal. In addition, they are durable, don’t conduct heat or cold, and most importantly, are perfect sound dampeners.

Another great option to consider is medium-density fiberboard (MDF). It’s less costly, and the material is smooth, making it easier to paint and design. It also doesn’t crack or split easily, so you won’t have to worry about unsightly damage or splinters.

4.   Choose the perfect color

Choose a door color that will perfectly match the décor in each room. Fortunately, interior doors come in various colors, and even if you can’t find a perfect match, most doors can be stained or painted in any color of your choice.

5.   Determine the doors sound ratings

Interior doors are specified by sound transmission class (STC), which measures the amount of sound loss through the door. The higher the STC number, the less sound will go through your doors. The lowest number on the STC scale is 25, allowing normal speech to be heard on the other side of the door. 40 is the median, while anything beyond 60 should be completely soundproof.


The quality and style of doors matter a lot when choosing interior doors for your custom home. You should invest a significant amount of time before making your final decision based on these tips. There is a lot to consider while choosing interior doors, but it’s a fun task when deciding on and designing your home’s interiors.