7 Home Renovation Ideas to Use In Your Project

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Renovation is the fastest way to increase your short-term rental’s appeal and value. It’s the core strategy of profitable Airbnb property management. Yet, most managers don’t know where to start to renovate their apartments.

Luckily, renovation becomes much easier when you can find ideas to borrow the inspiration and use it for your apartment. That helps you to reduce the overall costs and time spent on renovation.

Keep on reading to get new renovation ideas and improve the look of your apartment.


The kitchen is a deal-breaker for any Airbnb rental. Guests need a place to eat and relax, even in a small apartment. You can stock up on anything and still fail if guests don’t have a nice place to enjoy their morning coffee.

Building a bar for your kitchen is something your guests will enjoy. To make a bar, you need a wooden board, bar chairs, and items for decor. For property managers with less design sense, visit Ikea, buy the bar and install it. That could be a more affordable way to set up a bar and enrich your apartment.

A bar increases the overall appeal of the kitchen and its functionality. Here, amenities can support the bar. Getting a coffee machine, various glassware, and plates is also a plus. Also, ensure that you get comfy bar chairs for total enjoyment.


Bathrooms, like the kitchen, are a deal-breaker, and you can save up on renovation costs for all other rooms except the kitchen and bathroom. When you refurbish a bathroom for Airbnb, you can do everything you would for a renovation project. And you can still pull off an excellent look.

First, fix the tiles up. You can pick modern and stylish tiles or go for a classic and elegant look. Then, work on the shower. The bare minimum is to replace a showerhead. You can go as far as to put glass doors on the battery, or you could get a fashionable shower curtain.

If this is your first time renovating the bathroom, go for a neat look. Guests want a nice-looking bathroom that they can feel is clean and is under regular maintenance.

Glass Up

Adding Glass is another way to increase the visual appeal of the apartment instantly. You can add Glass as windows or doors. Glass makes the apartment more functional since it gives it more natural light.

The problem with Glass is that it takes more design and decor sense before you add it to the apartment. While adding another window seems like a no-brainer, it’s a much more difficult task. It’s about knowing where to put it and what type of window and material to use.

While it’s a powerful hack, adding more Glass to the apartment may be quite expensive. Plan to add more Glass only if you have enough renovation money to cover the essentials.


After Glass, work on floors. Flooring is another essential list, but it’s expensive, and you can postpone floor renovation. For example, it’s a good practice to invest in flooring after you renovate the kitchen and bathroom first.

Another problem with floors is that you have to unlist the apartment during floor renovation. Of course, the same applies to other renovations, and it’s just that floor renovations take much more time than painting the walls.

So, plan and fix the floors only when you have excess money. Either way, save up for floor renovations.


After you get everything else done, work on the doors. Doors can liven up the apartment without much effort. And they increase the functionality of the apartment.

For example, guests love sliding barn doors. These doors have an aesthetic appeal, and you can move them with ease. Of course, there are other types of doors that you can fit with the apartment’s aesthetic.

Doors should complement the style of the apartment and the decor. With all the previous renovations, it’s time to move to details.

Cabinets and Shelves

Cabinets and shelves give your apartment a refined touch. Refreshing your walls with new paint is an essential task during apartment renovation. Even with a fresh coat of paint, walls tend to feel bare.

Instead of leaving them that way, add cabinets and shelves. Shelves are inexpensive, and you can find them in various stores. Cabinets have numerous design options, and you can use them to enrich any decor.

Both shelves and cabinets come in various sizes. So, if you have less money to invest in apartment renovation, add more cabinets and shelves.

Stock Up Amenities

Finally, add more amenities. Often, amenities should be practical and apparent use for the guest. But, amenity may be another item that adds to the decor and helps with the visual appeal.

For example, you may add a bean bag, dim lights, and a Netflix account for guests to enjoy. After a long day, guests may turn down the lights, relax in the bean bag and watch Netflix. Of course, some guests will have a Netflix account, but it makes things much better if you have one for them.

So, it all comes down to your ability to innovate ways to please your guests. At least, crafting them a better experience is something you can do without an end in sight.


If you are unsure how to start, browse other rentals on Airbnb. There, you can find all the inspiration you need for your renovation.

Then, try to imagine what you would like to see in the apartment if you rent out the apartment. If you would like it, there’s a high chance that your guests will enjoy it as well.

Pleasing others isn’t that hard, and it’s all about improving their experience.