Benefits of Buying Dual Occupancy Homes

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Dual occupancy homes are rising in popularity as they give more occupancy in a fixed piece of land. You can build two similar homes and can be used as two individual homes. It means that you are getting twice the returns for a one-time investment. The initial amount may be higher when compared to the single dwelling buildings but you get double the amount.

Let us understand what exactly a dual occupancy home is:

You can construct two separate dwellings in a single piece of land either by adjoining together or as two free-standing buildings. The dwellings are separated by a common shared wall or a gap is left in between them. Dual occupancy homes are built in phases (learn here the 5 phases of construction that are implemented while building a house) and are executed step by step to achieve the structure of dual dwellings.

So, what are the advantages you get when you construct two buildings on a single plot? Let’s find out:

Multiple people can live together while having privacy

When your family grows bigger or if elderly people are staying with you, you can live in one dwelling while your relatives or children can occupy the other house. This kind of setting is beneficial to you as you can have privacy while also being close to your loved ones.

Moreover, your family members will also have independence thinking that they have their own home. Even if there’s an emergency where you need to take immediate action, you are just steps away.

And the best advantage is you can have security while you are out as your family members are your own neighbours.

Increase in the land value

For a single piece of land, you are getting two dwellings, which means you can have great returns if you ever thought of selling your home. Hence, your land value will increase if you think of buying or constructing dual occupancy homes.

You can sell one and live in another

With dual occupancy homes, you can live in one home and sell the other house. It’s perfectly legal to do so. In future, if you ever think that the other dwelling is not needed, you can immediately put it on sale. And fortunately, there are buyers who look for such properties so you don’t have to worry about anything. When selling, make sure to keep the price reasonable so that buyers come to you soon and you can sell your house immediately.

Make one home rental and get additional income

If you don’t want to sell the other property, you can make that home rental. Start looking for tenants and you find many people preferring such dwellings. You will also have someone occupying your home without it being idle. Moreover, as long as you find potential buyers, you can put that home on a rental so that you can have additional income coming to you.

With the rent money, you can also pay your mortgage soon as you have more bucks filling your pocket.

You can even rent out both

The best part about dual homes is you can also rent both the dwellings if you don’t want to sell the property. It’s particularly helpful when you want to move out to another city or country. You can have the land as your property and also get rent money as additional income.

So, these are the few advantages that you need to know before building dual occupancy homes. If you’re still in doubt and want to know more, consult professional builders to get an expert opinion.

What care you should take while plastering dual homes

Dual homes look similar only if you make it like that. It’s completely your wish to whether or not to paint the two houses similarly. No matter what you choose, you should take care of plastering so that both the dwellings look spectacular. So, here you can think of the reasons to hire a pro plasterer.

An expert plasterer will make your dual occupancy home look more beautiful, thus increasing its overall value. So, whenever you are planning to build a dual house or any other house, make sure you are hiring only professionals. They make sure to give you the final house as per your desire and requirements.