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The consciousness about our environment and the need to conserve natural resources has begun affecting people. We have come to realize that we must take care of the resources we use since they are not going to last forever.

In order to provide our descendants with a planet not scarce in resources necessary for living, we must make some changes to our lifestyles. Many people nowadays decide to ‘go green’ in re-modeling their homes and thus making it more eco-friendly. However, they overlook one important room in their home – the bathroom.

Take a look at some ideas on how to design an eco-friendly bathroom.

Water usage

When considering eco-friendly bathroom design, the first thing we need to acknowledge is the amount of water we use. We should definitely make a change here The planet has only limited resources of freshwater which will not last forever.

The water heater

A water heater stores a large amount of water, which is sometimes not even used. In this way, we spend both water and electricity in vain. What you can do is to switch to a tankless type of a heater. In that way, it will heat only as much water as you need. So, you are able not only to enjoy a hot shower but to save water and energy as well.

Faucets and showerheads

The tankless water heater also influences the water on all faucets and showerheads connected to it. But there is more you can do. You can install low-flow faucets and showerheads, which means you will get the same water pressure as usually but with considerably less water used for it.

These systems are designed in such a way that they aerate the water to get the pressure of the same strength. Also, dripping faucets cause large amounts of water being spent for no reason, so make sure you fix these.

When you brush your teeth, turn off the water when you don’t actually use it. It can seem like a small step for you, but it is a huge step for nature. Toilets flush system uses up quite a lot of water. Nowadays there are dual flush systems available, which can save up to 50% of water being used for flushing.


There are so many eco-friendly bathroom designs to help you go green and one of them is definitely the lighting. You can save up so much energy and yet have a brightly lit bathroom.

Natural lighting Of course, natural light is always the best idea. Having a window or two in the bathroom can be a source of just enough sunlight. You can also try some skylights or sun tunnels if you are re-modeling. It is both stylish and functional.

As much as natural light sounds perfect, sometimes it is not an option. What we definitely need (besides natural light) is artificial lighting. One of the major eco-friendly design tips many people already use are LED lights.

They save up energy and they last about 40 times longer than regular bulbs. It is true that they cost a bit more than incandescent bulbs, but they certainly save you money in the long run.

Bathroom supplies

As far as other bathroom supplies are considered, we should always go for ‘green’ materials such as organic cotton, bamboo and hemp. Why are they ‘green’ exactly? Well, besides the fact that they grow fast, they also tend to reduce carbon footprint in our atmosphere, compared to other materials.

A good option for an eco-friendly bathroom would be bamboo towels, mats and organic cotton robes. These are not only eco-friendly options but are also super soft and highly absorbent and yet they look stylish and come in various colours, sizes and for many purposes. There is also an eco-friendly option available for your shower curtain. You can obtain the one that is made of organic cotton, hemp or polyester.

Cleaning products

Most of the cleaning products we use are not exactly what you would call ‘green’. It is true that they are usually highly effective because of the ammonia and bleach they include, but there are some other options, which are as effective as these and yet not so harmful for you or the environment.

Cleaning products made from entirely natural ingredients There are so many non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products out there. They are usually not tested on animals and they are biodegradable including the packaging. Look for them during your next supplies shopping.

An easy homemade scrub can be made from baking soda and vinegar. How do you use this product? Simple: put some baking soda on the dirty spot and spray some vinegar on it. Let it sit for some time and using an eco-friendly brush, clean the surface.

You can opt for a steel tub, which is a sustainable material, lasting up to 30 years And on top of this, it can be recycled. As far as walls are concerned, there are also both recyclable and stylish options such as reclaimed timber and recycled glass ornaments available. Moreover, make sure to choose your vanities and commodes made of wood that has been managed and processed sustainably.

Clean air

The bathroom is usually the most humid place in our house. It is also a place with lots of fumes evaporating from cleaning materials, and that’s why we need to take special care of air purity. We can ensure clean and fresh air by installing windows and ventilation systems. You can also add some plants which will help improve the quality of air in the bathroom. In that way, you will keep the air moving in and out.

If all the people in the world took just one step at a time towards an eco-friendly society and planet, it would have a huge impact on our planet and future generations. Today, the modern world allows us to be both eco-friendly and own a stylish home and we should learn to appreciate that. We can be inspired by comprehending that a small step for man is a huge leap for our planet and the world.