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Invest in Your Home Interior: 5 Pieces Worth Splurging On

Buying new furniture and décor for your home is an exciting-but-challenging activity. You need to think about aesthetics and function to ensure you invest in the right pieces.

But more than that, what makes the process more daunting is determining the amount of money you should spend on each item. After all, a brand-new sofa or a custom made furniture for your home  is no minor expenditure.

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Whether you just moved to a new house or simply want to enhance your current one, think about what professionals would consider worth the investment.

To help you get started, read about the five pieces experts recommend you splurge on below.

1. Sofa


When choosing essential pieces in your home, you must consider the items you’ll use the most.

For most people, investing in high-quality living room furniture is a must. After all, these pieces receive the most wear and tear. One particular piece that gets worn out fast because of usage is the sofa.

Often the biggest piece of furniture in a house (both in size and impact), the sofa should be among the first items you buy as it anchors the entire interior design. Then, everything else will need to fit its design and size.

When choosing a piece, make sure you balance style and comfort.

It’s also a good idea to go with timeless pieces. Pick something made with materials and colors that will never go out of style. If you’re not sure what to buy, experts recommend velvet or leather sofas with a neutral color.


2. Dining Room Table

Since the main living areas should be prioritized, the next pieces on your shopping list should be for your dining room, especially if you like entertaining guests.

When deciding on a dining room table, consider three things:

  • Longevity
  • Function
  • Style

Besides ensuring the piece would last long while serving your personal dining needs and those of your guests, experts recommend thinking about how you want to entertain as well.

For example, if your usual visitors comprise relatives and friends, you’ll need something that can accommodate more people than your total household count. Some of your best options include a long, rectangular table or a square piece that can be expanded to seat more people.

Meanwhile, if you only expect to have candlelit dinners for two, you may need something more intimate, like a round table. This is also perfect for homes and apartments with limited space.


3. Bed Frame and Mattress

Sleep is vital for your overall health. It should be the one thing you must never compromise on, even as you furnish your home with new furniture.

Your bedroom should serve as a haven where you can rest and relax after a hard day’s work. For that, you need a bed that fits the room’s style and design and offers you the utmost comfort.

Start by choosing a bedframe with the ideal height. Though the standard is between 16 and 24 inches from the floor, you may need something outside that threshold, depending on how tall you are.

You also need to factor in the extra height of the mattress.

To check, sit on the bed and see whether your legs are close to a 90-degree angle. If the angle is too obtuse or acute, you may find it hard to stand up from the bed or tuck your legs underneath. Your feet shouldn’t dangle above the ground, either.

As for the mattress, make sure you purchase something with the right firmness level for you. If it’s too soft or too rigid, you may wake up with a painful back or stiff neck and shoulders.

Remember: The ideal mattress firmness depends on the weight of the person sleeping on it.


4. Lighting

Many just glaze over lighting as if it doesn’t have any impact on the home interior at all. Don’t make the same mistake.

Lighting plays a vital role in home interior design because it affects both the aesthetics and function of a room. It’s worth investing in since it can literally and figuratively light up a space.

When choosing a lighting fixture, you must think about a couple of things:

  • The purpose of the room.
  • The spot the lighting fixture will be installed in.
  • The room size.
  • The theme of the interior design.

Various types of fixtures work for different situations.

Take chandeliers, for example.

Typically placed in areas where homeowners entertain guests, these large lighting fixtures serve as the “star” of the living room. However, they can also be placed in walk-in closets or foyers to elevate the space.

Besides having eye-catching designs, chandeliers must also be the only source of light in the area to achieve a more dramatic effect on the interior design. That means you’ll have to match not only the size of the fixture but also the brightness it brings to the room’s specs.


5. Window Treatments

Although they aren’t as big as the sofa or bed, window treatments can affect your home interior design significantly. They also provide plenty of perks, including noise reduction, light blocking, and privacy.

Window treatments come in various forms. However, the ones most used in houses are curtains or drapes. In fact, these fabric window treatments are so popular that some homeowners and interior designers employ other creative uses of curtains.

Before choosing a window treatment for a room, assess the type of windows you’re working on and where they’re located. You must also consider your specific needs and the purpose of the window treatments.

For instance, if you work the night shift and need to keep sunlight out from your bedroom to sleep soundly during the day, your best option is to install light-blocking curtains. These are also ideal for living rooms with south-facing windows to prevent glare when people are trying to watch television.

Aside from function, you must also think about the maintenance window treatments require. For curtains made from cotton and polyester, you can usually get away with a quick machine wash. Of course, the cleaning method will still vary depending on the type of fabric used.

Invest in the Right Pieces

Consider all the important factors when choosing furniture and décor for your home interior design.

Use the wisdom experts share in this article, so you can make the right choice and invest in the right pieces.

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