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Is your lawn area always wet? Does your basement collect water after it pours? You may need to install a suitable French drainage unit outside and inside your home. Stable and reliable drainage keeps your structure dry and safe from mold. Anyway, it is incredibly unpleasant to bear the sight of groundwater in the basement. While it spoils the aesthetic beauty, it also leads to structural damages caused by rotten wood or mold. But this drain unit can fix your problems quickly.

Nevertheless, you may wonder whether it is working or not. For this, you can look for certain signs. Here is a quick look into them.

How to tell if the French drain is working?

Waterlogged crawl space

If your crawl space has water, you have to become alert. It damages not only your home and articles but also paves the way for mold and mildew, which can pollute indoor air quality.  You can decide to install a new French drain in the interior or exterior part of your home to get rid of all the issues. Interior drains usually cost less and provide better functioning. Besides, look for the piped solutions that collect water and push it away from the property.

Flooding in and around the property

Water travels through soil and then reaches the French drainage systems. In this process, it carries a lot of sediment to the drain. The residues remain in the drain on the concrete or other surface, while water channels through the ditch. But the continuous buildup of sediment can interrupt the water flow or block the pipes. When it happens, water will start collecting in the home basement rather than draining.  So you have to be cautious about this situation. When you notice anything like this, you should contact a qualified foundation repair company. After evaluating if your house foundation needs better French drainage or not, they would recommend the perfect system for your needs.

Wet driveway and lawns

If you struggle to maintain your lawn and driveway due to wetness after a rainstorm, you should check your French drain. The right pipe and drainage system would make your maintenance task easy while reducing all your frustrations.

What are the benefits of a French drainage system?

One of the main advantages is that it drives away water from property or foundation. You can direct water through the pipes to a sump pump, septic tank, or somewhere else. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the foundation getting damaged by water accumulation. Installing this drainage system is also not a challenge. For an affordable price, you can get the best work done.

So, if you were anxious because of the basement flooding, you now have a solution to address it. Whether you already have one or you require a new one, you can talk to your foundation repair contractor to analyze the situation and tell you what you have to do. If you get the quality drainage system and proper installation, you wouldn’t have to face inconvenience for a considerable amount of time.