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Concrete coatings provide a long-lasting finish to the concrete and make it look aesthetically appealing. In addition, it helps the structure become tough and reduces maintenance and repairs. Apart from making the surface smoother, it protects the concrete from abrasion and wears. It can also withstand harsh temperatures and rough environmental conditions.

In a commercial structure, making the concrete strong and heavy-duty is essential. Since many people work around such setups daily, it becomes necessary to prevent the concrete from wearing and make them slip-resistant. Getting a concrete coating that is easier to maintain is also crucial in commercial structures to reduce expenses on infrastructure.

A good concrete coating can also help prevent early degradation of the concrete. In this article, we will discuss the 3 main applications of concrete coating in commercial structures.

The 3 Commercial Applications For Concrete Coatings

Concrete coatings find application in a wide variety of structures and buildings. However, they are more common in some commercial structures than others.

So, the following are the 3 important commercial applications for concrete coatings.

  1. Automotive Garages And Dealerships

Since automotive garages and dealerships get a lot of foot traffic and vehicles constantly come and leave, the concrete is more prone to damage. It can also make the concrete look dull. Therefore, the primary purposes for applying concrete coatings in commercial setups are abrasion protection and impact resistance.

These commercial spaces require an attractive appearance and a luxurious feel. They also need a long-lasting and cost-effective solution that requires minimum maintenance.

Concrete coatings like epoxy can meet such requirements quite efficiently. In addition to attractive looks, concrete coatings provide effective resistance against oil and fluids that may otherwise get absorbed by the concrete.

They can also leave stains, which concrete coatings can effectively prevent. They also have anti-slip properties, which make the surface safe for everyone.

  1. Industrial Facilities And Warehouses

Manufacturing facilities and production units see a lot of forklift traffic and damage due to wear. They also get more scratches, oil, and chemical spills. They might also get UV damage, which may look dull and dirty.

Hence, they require heavy-duty concrete coatings to make them last longer and tolerate heavy abuse. Concrete coatings can effectively prevent these and enhance their aesthetics, making them appear cleaner and well-maintained. Concrete coatings also protect these structures from moisture damage.

Concrete coatings also protect the concrete against chemical products and salts that these facilities constantly handle. They also need a layer that is resistant to heat and fire damage. It significantly increases the safety in the working area of these facilities.

Certain concrete coatings also have the property to absorb explosive energy and hence are ideal for industrial applications.

  1. Shopping Malls, Airports, And Healthcare Facilities

Since these places get a lot of foot traffic, it is essential to have high-quality concrete coatings to make them durable and maintain their sophisticated appearance.

Concrete coatings can make the facility look brighter and more attractive. In addition, some concrete coatings have microbe-resistant abilities that prevent spreading infections in close confinements.

Concrete coatings in closed spaces like malls and airports, where people commute more frequently, are essential. They effectively seal scratches, cracks, and crevices on the surface that can otherwise seep moisture and breed disease-causing microbes.

Hence, concrete coatings often find application to the floor and wall coverings of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Why Is It Necessary To Get Concrete Coatings On Commercial Buildings?

Concrete coatings add a layer of protection that considerably slows down the degradation of the concrete structure. Commercial buildings require concrete coatings for several reasons.

So, some of them are as follows:

  •   It protects the flooring from heavy foot traffic.
  •   Prevents abrasion
  •   Protects concrete against extreme or varying temperatures and humidity.
  •   It resists water and chemical spills.
  •   It protects concrete against heavy exposure to ultraviolet light.
  •   It resists deterioration due to corrosion of reinforced concrete
  •   It prevents moisture penetration.

Choosing the right kind of concrete coating depends on the type of the structure, the purpose of the coating, and the location of the commercial building. These are some crucial factors that help determine the right concrete coating.

How To Select The Right Concrete Coating For Commercial Application?

To find a suitable concrete coating for commercial structures, you should keep the following points in mind.

  •   Location Matters

The type of commercial facility is the deciding factor when choosing a concrete coating. For example, an industrial facility and an office space will have a particular type of concrete coating.

On the contrary, sidewalks and bridges will have a completely different coating compared to malls and hospitals. Hence, it is essential to know the type of commercial structure to make the right choice.

  •   Type Of Exposure

The concrete floor’s exposure is a crucial factor in determining the right concrete coating.

Normal, moderate, or heavy wear; chemical exposure; temperature variations; humidity exposure; thermal shock; and UV exposure are some of the factors to consider while selecting a concrete coating.

  •   Longevity And Maintenance Required

You should consider the durability and the frequency of maintenance required for the concrete coating. Going for a concrete coating that will last longer and won’t need frequent or heavy maintenance and repairs is viable in a commercial setup.

Cheaper solutions may provide instant results but may not have long-lasting effects. Going for a cost-effective solution without worrying about the initial expenditure can help save unnecessary costs in the future.

  •   Overall Appeal

The concrete coating you opt for should complement the current infrastructure and enhance its overall appeal.

Choosing a concrete coating for commercial facilities that maintain their professional aesthetics is essential. Besides, certain industries may require specific color coding in particular sections, so going for a concrete coating that complies with the standard is also crucial.

Wrapping Up

Concrete coatings have applications in various sectors and industries, whether it is hospitals, garages, industrial units, or bridges and sidewalks. Since commercial facilities are more prone to wear and abrasion, concrete coatings are essential to maintain the aesthetics and durability of the structures.