4 Innovations To Improve Commercial Building Ventilation

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The commercial space requires a conducive environment for workers to execute their roles efficiently. Your equipment needs sufficient air circulation to avoid overheating and damage.

One effective way to provide a conducive environment for your business operations is to ventilate your commercial space.

What Is Ventilation?

Ventilation is bringing outdoor air into a space to ensure quality air. There are various systems you can adopt to ventilate your commercial building. And as a business owner who’s probably faced many complaints regarding poor air quality in the office, you might wonder about the ventilation techniques to adopt.

Points To Note

As you adopt any of the systems discussed below, it’s important to note that their efficiency depends on these three factors. First, you have to buy a quality ventilation system. Its brand should help you determine quality; settle for a brand whose products are known for long-lasting solutions. Alternatively, find suppliers that sell legitimate ventilation systems. There are websites such as wesellmakeupair.com, where you can get more information.

Second, you must buy the right-sized ventilation for your commercial building. If you install fewer systems than you require based on floor space and number of workers, you’ll barely have solved the issue. On the other hand, if a system is too big for your building, you’ll have wasted your resources investing in innovation.

Last, you must maintain your system. It’s the only way it’ll ventilate your building efficiently. Therefore, get the right size for your innovation and practice regular maintenance.

Here are four innovations you can adopt:

1. Make-Up Air Unit

The Make-Up Air (MUA) unit brings fresh air into your space. It works best with other ventilation systems that remove poor air from your commercial building. As its name suggests, it makes up for the air lost in your atmosphere. This function also ensures a balance of air pressure in your commercial building.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t adopt the system if you have no other ventilation system. If you find it challenging to remove poor-quality air and your space is often damp, you can invest in the MUA unit. In such a case, the unit will dilute the stale air in the atmosphere, making it conducive for your workers to work comfortably.

It’s good to point out that the MUA unit innovation isn’t quite well-known. As a result, you might be wondering where to source one. Consider visiting the internet to find out where to source your MUA unit.

2. Exhaust Fans

Your commercial building most likely serves various functions, each requiring a different space. This will have a working area, kitchen, washroom, and storage area. Some of these spaces will require you to deliberately emit air from them due to the use of the said space. For instance, you must remove foul air from your bathroom and moisture, making the space damp and stuffy.

On the other hand, there’s a lot of hot air in your kitchen due to the cooking. At times, it might become excessive, and you’ll need to remove it. This is where exhaust fans come in. The fans will help you remove the unneeded air much faster, ensuring efficient air circulation in the space.

3. Industrial Fans

Business operations tend to differ from one business to another. Some utilize many machines and equipment to meet their customers’ needs. With all the machines up and running, often 24/7, there’s a likelihood of increased heat in the plant.

Excessive heat in an industrial setting makes the place unconducive for your workers, and your machines might heat up. As a result, workers’ productivity will decrease, and machines will malfunction. In such a setting, it’s best to adopt industrial fans.

Industrial fans have huge blades and often rotate faster than regular fans. In the end, air will circulate efficiently, providing adequate ventilation.

4. Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation is often the cheapest way of improving your Commercial Building Ventilation. You won’t require artificial assistance to bring air in or out. You’ll rely on elements like your windows and doors.

You might be wondering how natural ventilation is considered an innovation when it has been used since time immemorial. There are new and efficient ways of achieving proper air circulation with natural ventilation.

One of the innovations entails using large windows for your commercial building. This should be the case, especially where poor air circulation is rampant. It could be the working or dining area. The large window, which can have Aluminum or UPVC frames, enables you to add as many window openings as possible.

It’s best to have openings at the bottom and top levels. The different positions will allow for conventional air flow, enhancing adequate air circulation. Window openings at the bottom level (mid-height) will bring in fresh air from outside, while those at the top level will remove hot, damp air from your space.


Improving commercial building ventilation isn’t as challenging as you’d imagined. The discussion above showcases the various innovations you can adopt. Let your business ventilation needs and budget guide you when choosing the best ventilation option to adopt.