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How you are going wrong about bathroom flooring

Bathroom flooring comes with many options available. As such, it can be hard to decide on the right flooring for your bathroom.  Your go-to option should complement your décor and hold up under the demands of a wet environment. It should also stand aggravation from the high level of heating usually found in the room.

Below are the options available, rated from the worst to the best of course.


This goes without saying. The impossibility of this is more of common sense. Not only is a carpet in the bathroom virtually impossible to keep clean, but will collect moisture.  The combination of moisture and heating will have mold and mildew thriving in no time.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is better than laminate, because its base is made of tougher plywood, which resists more water.  (It also explains why laminate is not on the list). However, you probably would want to install engineered wood in a guest powder room or half-bath where there is little traffic.


Linoleum will resist water better than hardwood or laminate will.  However, linoleum tile does have seams where moisture can seep in and cause warping or separation. A better option would thus be sheet, since no seam means full linoleum benefits without problems of individual tiles.

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Ceramic or Stone Tile

Ceramic or stone tiles are an excellent choice for showers, pools and bathtubs. I know you already knew that, most bathrooms prove me right.  These have a filling used to seal the seams from moisture. Some are even designed to repel water.

Sheet Vinyl

This is perhaps the best choice for a heavily used bathroom.  The layout ensures full vinyl durability without going through seam issues.


It is not only more durable than the others combined, but also has sealing against water. And there is more than that greyish color available! Plus, how many accidents have been reported about a concrete-tiled bathroom? Exactly. You’re welcome.



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