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How to handle Steel structures (PEB)

Handling Steel structures projects (PEB) is an Art of science with Zero Error. I hope this article can help many Project Managers who works on PEB companies around the world.

1. Enthusiasm and Attitude is required to start a Project. Actually handling of PEB projects are very easier than Civil projects since tasks and task masters are minimum in the system.

2. After collecting documents from Sales, need to verify thoroughly/clearly and to understand the project. Its better to visualize the project in 3D picture in your mind, so that you know that what you are going to deliver. You have to understand project well prior to start the project by sales. Its better to approach customer with help of sales team later on. As soon as you circulate documents to concern departments like Engg, Procurement, Production, Quality, dispatch and Construction/Legal to review. It’s better to have a kick off meeting in order to smooth flow otherwise you will have surprises at later stage. As per ISO9001, circulation of documents are mandatory.

3. You should aim that your customer shall be happy since he pays your salary. All conversation to customer shall be polite & sweet. of-course you will be defender of your company same time need to maintain cordial relationship with customer. Some customers need some technical help, you will be ready to help them in order to go smooth flow of the project and other hand you need to be maintained company ethics & values.

4. Deliveries are very important once receive payments from customer as per signed contract. Approval drawings package can be ready with in a week or maximum 2 weeks time. Getting approvals from customers/consultants are very important task it needs to get it maximum a week time

5.You should keep in mind that deliveries shall be pushed to customer at the earliest in order to receive your payments. Most of the PEB projects hold at Payment. If regularly keep in touch with customer, he will let you know when he can pay the payments. Payment task is very important, it needs to be fulfilled. As quick as you push the project, your company finances shall be strong and your company shall have good profit. Project can’t be delay by any reason unless there is big hurdle/great reason. It’s better you need to observe/watch how project moves on.

6. Prior to start a production you need to have prior intimation to production, Quality & dispatch about your project will be hit into production line soon, so that they will be ready for it. After completion the project manager need to visit materials prior to ship it. You need to verify packing list v/s production records. Now a days this information shall be available thru ERP systems, so that you can avoid materials missing at site. As mentioned on top, Project shall be Zero error with great speed.

7. Erection need to monitor closely, it has to go as per sequence/as per customer’s requirement. You need to adopt Zero harm. Erection shall be safe


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