Top 8 Tips to Shop for a New Garage Door

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From boosting the curb appeal of your home to decreasing heating and cooling expenses, understanding what to find when purchasing a garage door is essential. For families with children, it is also vital to think about new garage doors with the latest safety features as you look to ensure finding the right garage door for your home and lifestyle.

Consider these simple eight tips by Christian Garage when purchasing a new garage door or replacing your old, outdated garage door.

1.   Specify Your Budget for New Garage Door

You might feel swamped by the magnitude of garage door selections on the market nowadays- or at the prices, you will find on the internet. Before you begin shopping for a new garage door, it is an excellent idea to determine your budget. For household owners with a limited budget, we always advise starting with a traditional garage door and garage door opener. This way, the specific budget can go forward with things that are harder to upgrade or replace in the future.

A new garage door could cost around $500 to $4,000, depending on the garage door materials you pick. Most garage door manufacturers roll the door itself and installation fees into one charge- make sure to double-check. Generally, the most inexpensive garage door types are wood, aluminum, and steel, and you will pay the most for vinyl, fiberglass, and wood composite garage doors.

2.   Think Each Type of Garage Door Material

From the sleek, classic look of wood to durable metal, and lightweight materials, today’s garage doors are from six various materials:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Wood Composite
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass

Aluminum, steel, and fiberglass are some of the most usual while vinyl is a budget-friendly choice. Wood composite and wood can be costly and may need a special wood garage door installation. You will pay differently for this installation. If you set your heart and mind on wooden garage doors, understand that you can simply install steel and utilize wood stain to achieve a similar aesthetic. Remember that no matter which garage door material you choose, you will require to change the entire garage door. Never use old garage door tracks with a new one.

3.   Choose a Garage Door That Corresponds to the Style of your Home

Your garage door at home plays a significant role in its general curb appeal. Ensure the garage door you pick complements the color, yard, and aesthetic of your home. A sleek garage door will be attractive and stand out, yet a weird style may look like a sore. Many garage door manufacturers utilize technology so you can see what your garage door would appear in your home. Allow your garage door contractor to show the style and materials before you purchase a garage door online.

4.   Determine Garage Door Windows

Another tip before purchasing a garage door is deciding on garage door windows. Most of them have options to add windows. Garage door windows provide benefits like natural light. Since garage windows are costly, they could also possibly boost your property value.

On the other hand, garage windows may raise heating utilities. If you set your heart on getting garage windows you could understand this by knowing the different types of garage heaters and installing the appropriate heater for your garage.

Some home security professionals suggest garage doors without windows to lessen potential intruders. As for another option, you might think of installing a garage door screen.

5.   Think of Having Your Garage Door Insulated

Garage door models with insulation cost from $200 to $600 more than non-insulated garage door models. This type of garage door is excellent for workstations or ones with living spaces above. If you spend most of your time in your garage, consider getting your garage door insulated to make it more cozy and comfortable. While you consider your garage door a long-term investment, you may also think about sealing your garage floors, which could save you from expensive garage door repairs and replacements down the road.

6.   Shop and Purchase for Garage Door Safety Features

Nowadays, many garage doors have safety features that secure your children and pets. Auto-reverse sensors have been standard on garage doors since the 1990s. But many new garage door models provide safety features such as:

  • You can manually control the door in the event of power loss.
  • It has outside motion detection.
  • It also comprises finger-free designs to avoid children’s fingers from getting jammed or stuck in the railing.

If you have children, it is worth researching to ensure you are getting what you deserve for the safety of your kids.

7.   Pair Your Garage Door With a Garage Door Opener

Modern and high-end garage doors come with automatic garage door openers. But less expensive garage door models may not include a garage door opener, so if you need one, it is a better idea to shop with this in mind. The cost of a new opener is from $300 to $500 after the product and installation.

8.   Get an Expert Quote for Your New Garage Door

Modern technology makes searching for garage doors online easy and quick. It is handy when you can view what your new possible garage door will appear without leaving your home. Yet, when it comes to purchasing your new garage door, you should ask a professional for an expert quote at your actual home. This way, you do not sign for a garage door project that does not match your demand and needs.

Inquire to your local garage door contractor for an affordable quote in your area now.