How to Ventilate a Commercial Building

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When you want to improve your commercial building’s comfort, you can achieve that by adding more ventilation features. There is no building that doesn’t have efficient ventilation, or else the people inside will have a hard time breathing in the clean and fresh air at all times. Creating ventilation in a home is easy, but ventilating a commercial buildings needs more than just opening windows.

If you own a commercial building, do not ignore proper ventilation practices if you don’t want anyone inside complaining about how the temperature and the air they breathe are hot. Fortunately, you can find many ways commercial building owners utilize to get the most efficient ventilation properties.

Utilize Natural Ventilation

The most effective way you can improve your building’s ventilation is by using natural ventilation. You can achieve that by opening the doors and windows and let in natural airflow into the building. It’s common for commercial buildings near windy areas to open their windows and doors since they can cut down energy consumption significantly.

What’s great about natural ventilation is that you know that the air you breathe is clean. However, it’s ideal not to do natural ventilation when you’re in an area filled with cars and other pollutants because you’re simply letting the pollution inside. You don’t have to worry because there are still other effective ventilation methods if you can’t achieve natural ventilation.

Mechanical Ventilation

If you situate your commercial building in bustling areas within the city, you can still achieve proper building ventilation by using mechanical ventilation. Instead of using nature’s breeze, you use a system like an HVAC to provide air into your building. It also works by balancing the temperature inside and not making everyone feel uncomfortable.

Besides HVAC systems, you also have electrical fans that are the most common when circulating air inside a commercial building. Usually, people would turn on the HVAC system and electric fans to distribute the cool air better, especially if the HVAC’s vent only hits one part of an area.

Why Every Commercial Building Needs Ventilation

When there’s no ventilation in a commercial building, everyone will have a hard time breathing in clean air. Everyone will also have to walk around in a lukewarm environment, and that’s not ideal for most commercial buildings that have people wearing suits and other thick clothes to work.

Another benefit you might like from achieving proper ventilation is that it cleans the air out. Each person releases oxygen that could have bacteria, and that bacteria can get passed on to another. However, ventilation helps remove those unwanted bacterias out of the building and brings in cleaner air.

Lastly, ventilating a commercial buildings is necessary to ensure everyone stays comfortable at all times. When the building gets too hot or too cold, everyone will start complaining and want the temperature balanced. Luckily, ventilation helps by keeping the temperature inside balanced and ensuring no one will feel too hot or cold with their clothes.

While you’re creating more ventilating features in your commercial building, don’t forget to add other features like fire rated access doors and panels. Not only can they protect your building components from fires, but they also help with keeping the air inside your building all the time.